1. Joe Putts · March 13, 2013

    Mr. M

    You need to turn that amusement park around with some innovative ideas. Here’s a few exciting new attractions I thought would go over well in Yemen.

    Hack at the Infidel’s Neck.
    A wonderful attraction where an infidel is buried in sand and people get to take turns hacking at his neck with a bamboo saw.

    Blow Yourself Up
    Sure to be a crowd pleaser as they watch their friends strap on a bomb and blow themselves to smithereens because, God is on their side!

    Learn to Fly a Jumbo 747
    You’ll thrill as you learn to take off and fly a real Jumbo 747. Landing instruction not included, or even needed!

    Accost the Embassy
    Families will shriek with excitement as they armed with AK-47s, and trained to storm a simulated embassy, haul out the ambassador, and kill him.

    Hope this helps :)~

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