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Manka Bros Would Like To Offer Nikki Finke A Job

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A few of us are having a great night drinking schnapps and eating crab. I won’t name names for security reasons but their initials are DM, RM, BD, JB, CC – you figure it out.

I just received my daily fax of important Hollywood internet stories from my assistant, Vicky Adler-Modry, and noticed that apparently Nikki Finke was fired from Deadline Hollywood.

I didn’t even realize that was possible – basically the equivalent of me getting fired from Manka Bros. We all know this is an impossible thing. It would take gunfire and a hostage situation to remove me from my post and that wouldn’t be legal – so I guess nothing could get me out.

[Goddamnit, Barry Diller just fucking spilled watermelon schnapps on my white carpet! But I digress…]

Let me get right to the point and I’ll speak directly to Nikki as I write:

Manka Bros. would like to offer you, Nikki Finke, a job – doing pretty much whatever you would like. If you’ve seen our numbers lately, we need help in most areas of the business.

If you would like to start a cut-throat-destroy-someone’s-life-type blog like you are currently running – that would be fine.

If you would like to work as a partner with our own in-house cut-throat-destroy-someone’s-life-type-blogOnMedea – that would be fine as well. She would love the help.

If you would like to run our Theatrical Group – that would be fine, too. Robin Rafe has really been sucking lately and needs to be replaced at some point (off the record).

Or just pick something off our Jobs board – we’ve got a few great openings right now.

So, think about it, Nikki – Manka Bros. is one place you will never be fired from (unless you write about me or my family). Call my assistant at the studio, Vicky Adler-Modry (or just Friend her on Facebook).

I have to get back to karaoake – Rupert’s about to sing “MacArthur Park” – (never to be missed).

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  1. Jimbo Hollywood

    Smart. Great photo. She’s way hot (but oh so dangerous).

  2. Ramzy Sweis

    Do you visit Chicago? My web series, “I Never Repeat A Joke,” nominated by Funnyordie, has 700K visitors. Lakeshore Ent. will offer a TV contract @ 1 million. YOU can star on my T.V. show! Featured in newspaper: http://goo.gl/ubd1C.

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  3. Gary Susman Ponders the Nikki Finke Drama - FishbowlLA

    […] One place Finke will definitely not be going is Manka Bros. Studios, an entirely fictitious operation overseen by Warner Bros. business development executive John Perry. But that didn’t stop Perry from alter-ego blogging a June 3 job offer. […]

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