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  1. a mess

    Bingo baby. I have no idea who would care about these women. But I also have no idea who would care about the real housewives and apparently some people do.

  2. Hollywood Producer

    Ben is a joke. This show is a joke. It will fail. It doesn’t have the hook of the others. It’s done.

  3. Hollywood Observer

    Hollywood producer you called it!! You really have an uncanny grasp of the marketplace! I bet your office in Encino has an amazing view!

    ‘Mob Wives’ Sells Big Overseas; Spin-Off May Be in the Cards (Exclusive)

    1. Encino Man

      What’s wrong with Encino, you prick?

  4. mankabros.com/blogs/onmedea

    But he is right in the observation that ‘Ben is a joke’. Have you read the speech he gave to MIPTV last year?


    And check out these other stories about Ben and Electus. You will soon agree that ‘Ben is a joke’.


  5. The Cryptojournalist

    I’m sorry, this show is hysterical. Season 2 inked and ready for production, you can’t stop the long, slow slide. Gotta love it!


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