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They Locked Me In A Quonset Hut (2017) - Follows the everyday struggle ofa man who was picked on in high school and graduated last in his class because of something that happened to him.

The Prairie (2017) - Exhaustive 20-hour documentary on the history of life on the prairie.

The History of Comedy (2017) - Currently being edited and updated on a regular basis (no release date set), Manka Bros. exhaustive 100 hour documentary on the complete history of comedy.

Documentary (2016) - Documentary of the making of a documentary about documentaries.

Hot La Canada Nights: The Story Of Jazz in La Canada (California) In The 1970s (2015) - All roads lead to Taylor's in this documentary of the La Canada, California jazz scene during the 1970s.

Lincoln's Barmitzva (2013) - Controversial film that claims Abraham Lincoln was America's first Jewish President.

Madeline Albright's Nights In White Satin (2010) - Madeline Albright travels with the Moody Blues on their final tour of Asia.

You're In My Light (2009) - Documentary of Henreid Klaus - a famous Manka Bros. cinematographer.

Candy Turns Us Into Fat Kids (2006) - A Manka Kids! Investigative Report into the eating habits of what society calls "overweight" kids.

Urine America Now (2005) - Scrappy filmmaker Greg Gordon examines how the bathrooms in the White House and Capital Hill have influenced the Bush Administration's Iraq policy.

Alan's Neck (2004) - Story of 4th grade weightlifting champion Alan Foster.

Celebrity Feng Shui (2004) - Documentary series. Feng Shui secrets of the jet set.

Feng Shui Of The Criminally Insane (2004) - Documentary series. Feng Shui used for evil.

Why We Fight (2003) - A special Manka Bros. investigation on the History of Violence.

Squeaky Wheels (2003) - The people throughout history that have got what they wanted because they were louder or more obnoxious than the average person.

Car-Tomb (2003) - Story behind the international combustion engine discovered by Egyptologists.

Two Second Dissolve (2002) - The life of television editor Edward Chyrik A.C.E.

The Films Of David Sedan (2001) - Directed by D.S. Edan. A chronicle of Sedan's life and career, credited to his son, D.S. Edan. (Although some claim Sedan actually "directed" this attempt at vindicating himself. Concludes with a touching embrace bewteen Sedan and Khan Manka, Jr. - Harry's son and current CEO of Manka Bros. Studios. Later, a loophole allowed the studio to own the rights to the film and consequently supervise the final cut.)

Why We Die (2001) - A special Manka Bros. investigation of the History of Death.

Who Will Care For Bridget? (2000) - Manka Animal YouTube channel documentary about a dying man's quest for a suitable new home for his dying dachshund.

B School Confidential (2000) - Produced in conjunction with Manka Music Television. Follow several B School Grads as they are wooed by corporate America.


No Laughing Matter: Mouth Cancer (1999) - The causes and the cures hidden by pharmaceutical corporations.

Myanmar (1998) - Produced for the Manka Civilization YouTube Channel. Four hour documentary about the name switch from Burma to Myanmar. [2013 Update: Three more hours about the name switch back to Burma.]

Why We Laugh (1998) - A special Manka Bros. investigation of the History of Laughter. (This special is currently being expanded into the 100 hour complete History Of Comedy - premiering at some point in the future.)

I'm Just Here To Observe (1998) - For the Manka Comedy YouTube Channel. A day in the life of an observation comic.

Why We Cry (1998) - A special Manka Bros. investigation of the History of Sadness.

Lost In The Shuffle: How Maryland Became A State (1998) - Produced for the Manka Legends Channel. How East Virginia was lost in a card game to Frank Maryland.

21 Shot Salute (1998) - Story of spies with alcohol-engineered blood who were used to drink Soviet generals under the table and steal secrets during the Cold War.

Human Resources: The True Story Of How GM Turned 20 "Employees" Into Upholstery (1997) - Includes interviews with family members and images from the darkest time in GM's history.

Bugle Boys (1997) - Story of the brave 3-year-olds that were recuited to carry the flags and blow the "charge" bugles during the Civil War.

Crying On The Inside (1996) - Powerful documentary about people born without tear ducts.

Continental Congress Diaries (1996) - Series of one-hour biographies reenacting the diaries of Continental Congress members.




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