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2016 Film Slate

Unkind (2016) - Everyone is unkind to Reina but she still sings happy songs and plays that goddamned plastic recorder all day. One day, someone will see the sweetness inside her but it won't be her mom, dad or any of her "friends."

sexydrinkbar (2016) - From Chinese director Duoshao Qian comes this 1940s period drama set in China as an American attempts to set up a 'sexydrinkbar' club during the reign of Chang Kai Chek in the shadow of Mao's Long March.

Guy Moves To L.A. To Be An Actor But Decides To Do Cocaine Instead (2016) - With the reluctant support of his parents, Scott Montrose drops acting and deciddes to be the best drug addict he can possibly be.

Heartstrings (2016) - A seeing-eye dog is slowly losing his sight. His owner is slowly regaining his sight. As the dog goes blind and the man begins to see - they never see each other. [Probably the saddest movie ever made.]

Gay d'Alene (2016) - Two married black gay men are secretly offered $1 million to move to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. If they can survive for one year as an openly married gay black couple in the most racist town in America, they get the money.

7 Out! (2016) - Inspirational story of a high-flying newly-minted Silicon Valley billionaire who comes to Vegas with $1 billion in cash - ready to double it. He learns it's harder to make money in Vegas than the Silicon Valley. Soon, he's a broke Molly addict who tries to sell his Patents or a blowjog or anything on the streets for a fix. Eventually, one of his billionaire partners rescues him, their stock goes public and he is a billionaire again.

Snuffing Out The Magic Fury (2016) - A feverish rumination on the chaotic life and tragic downfall of avant-garde alt-rocker Shiv Treacle of the all-girl band Vulva.

Randy Works At Best Buy (2016) - Normal people can be heroes. And, also, normal people can work at Best Buy. Randy is not a hero - not even close - but he does work at Best Buy.

Attack Of The Headless Freak With Two Heads (2016) - Surprisingly profound film about a headless freak with two heads and his search for meaning in modern day Winnipeg.