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Manka Bros.: 55 Years Of Comedy Gold (1968) - MBS special hosted by Joey Levitch showcasing highlights from Manka Bros. first 55 years.

Mogan David's Starlight Showcase '67 (1967) - Up and comers perform for a chance to win $500 dollars in Mogan David wine.

A Puppet, A Pauper, A Pirate, A Poet (1966) - A weekly late night chat show starring A Puppet, A Pauper, A PIrate and A Poet. Their first guests were... A Pawn and A King.

D. Day = Doris Day! (1964) - Variety show hosted by Doris Day commemorating the 20th anniversay of the Normandy Invasion. Show featured skits and songs from the 1940s.

Dorm Crosby (1964) - A series which chronicled Norm Crosby's disastrous comedy tour of the Ivy League schools in the spring of 1963.

Manka Bros.: 50 Years Of Comedy Gold (1963) - MBS special hosted by Joey Levitch showcasing highlights from Manka Bros. first 50 years.

Newton Minnow's Vast Wasteland (1961) - After his inflammatory speech to the National Association of Broadcasters, the studio chief Harry Manka told Mr. Minnow to put his money where his mouth was. The result - Newton Minnow's Vast Wasteland - Manka Bros. most successful variety show to date - consisting of 30 minutes of the best monkey and juggling acts the country has to offer.

Callas & Callas: One Night Only (1960) - Maria Callas and Charlie Callas variety show. It lasted much longer than one night - four years longer!



Fred Halbert's Dream Orgy (1958) - On the heels of "Playboy After Dark," Vaudeville comedian Fred Halbert shows pictures and talks about the women he would have an orgy with if given the opportunity. [The show was canceled almost immediately and Fred Halbert was thrown in jail.]

Wilson And Woody (1954) - Ventriloquist act in which all jokes end with Woody, the dummy, being distracted. Wilson asks Woody a question that he fails to hear. "Woody?" "Woody?" "I bet he would..." was always the punch line. And America never got tired of it (until Woody's death in 1956).



Manka Bros.: 35 Years Of Laughs, Tears and More Laughs (1948) - Early TV variety show hosted by rising teenage star Joey Levitch - radio show featuring clips and some of the greatest moments in Manka Bros. Studios history.

Manka Bros.' Hour Of A Million Stars (1946) - Great stars from the stage and screen perform songs and skits.

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