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Reel Suite - July 30, 2008 - Reel Suite

Reel Suite - July 30, 2008

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Hello out there.  My name is Carl Yang, Junior VP in the Foreign Acquisitions department here at Manka Bros.  Kurt asked me to write this week's blog, as he is too shaken up by the earthquake that struck the studio today and severely damaged his office. 

chino_video_tape_archives.jpgFYI - I was told that our Chino Hills-based archive facility sustained serious damage as well.  As you know, we no longer have possession of the negatives for most of our classic films.  The best copies we have are on VHS and Beta tapes stored in the Chino Hills shed.  Stu Mitchell, who runs security out there, reports that a pipe burst during the quake and most of the tapes are now smashed and submersed in water.  Stu was doing his best to piece together a VHS copy of 1940's Dr. Tindor's Amazing Bloont Of Fazur.  I'll update you as more information comes in.
pockethercules_col.jpgKurt thought it would be great for me to blog about my experiences this past weekend at Comic-ConAndrew Moulder from Mankanimation, Brian Spencer from MB Talent Relations and myself hitched a ride to San Diego aboard Hailstorm Entertainment's "Frostman Van", designed to promote their upcoming superhero TV show "Frostman".  The van was painted to look like an igloo, they served Arctic Margaritas and showed us a preview of the pilot.  Andrew decided to dress as the Manka Bros. animated character Pocket Hercules, which seemed like a foolish choice given the ice-cold conditions in the van.  I've never seen a man's nipples so erect.
In Hall H at the Convention Center, we set up the Manka Bros. booth.  Andrew was assigned the task of testing the waters to see if there was fan interest in a Pocket Hercules feature; Brian coordinated a signing area featuring two supporting actors from "Magpies and the Pervasive Evil"; and it was my job to sell territory rights to our recent acquisition of the Hungarian vampire TV series, "Fangs for the Mammaries".  We were thrilled at opening on Friday when conventiongoers swarmed our booth, then disappointed when they all realized we were Manka and not Manga.  Throughout the weekend, I'd say we gave 800 people directions to the Manga booth.
superdracs_2.jpgHighlights:  Actor Bill Nighy stopped by and told us he was a big fan of the animated teen rock music playing cartoon characters from "Super Draculas".  He said that he and his stage cronies used to get high and watch the show.  Then he wandered off mumbling.
wonder woman.jpgA hot chick dressed as Wonder Woman agreed to sit on my lap for 20 minutes.  While she was there, I sold "Fangs" to Egypt, Nairobi and Argentina.
Right in front of our booth, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith had a shouting match over which of them was less talented.
After our two Magpie actors bailed due to no one knowing who they were, Brian got drunk and threw up on Jabba-the Hut.  Fortunately, no one could see the vomit on the Jabba-the-Hut costume.
During a panel on "The Wolf Man", Rick Baker was asked (by Andrew, still in his P.H. regalia) if the special effects would be as good as those employed in the latest "Magpies" movie.  "I've seen advanced footage from 'Pervasive Evil'," he replied.  "There is no comparison."
ollie_ostrich_2.jpgAn elderly man came by the booth claiming to be the creator of the 1924 Manka Bros. cartoon character Ollie OstrichHe said Manka changed it to Orange Ostrich when color came in, but he didn't authorize that change.  Nor has he been paid a nickel since the '30s.  I told him I don't think we did anything with that character after 1937.  After he threatened legal action, Brian chased him and his nurse away, saying something about "statute of limitations, old man".
Results for Manka Bros.:  Andrew came to the conclusion that a Pocket Hercules movie might not be "fiscally wise".  Brian is really good at forging actors autographs on 8x10s.  And since the Egyptian production company that bought "Fangs" signed an iron-clad contract featuring the phrase "maintaining content integrity", Egyptian TV is going to broadcast their very first shots of female cleavage.
Quake update:  Stu says "Bloont of Fazur" is a goner, but he might be able to save Sweet Tooth Clifford On The S.S. Ho Ho Ho.

kurt_barnet_small.jpgKurt Barnet

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