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Khan Manka, Jr. Is Leaving Yemen Early - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Khan Manka, Jr. Is Leaving Yemen Early

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Good morning,

This is Vicky Adler-Modry, Mr. Manka's Executive Assistant.  I received a fax from him this morning from the Sanaa Nights Hotel in San'a, Yemen.  As you may have read in yesterday's blog, he was in Yemen for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Manka Fun Park Yemen.  He did not seem to pleased with the arrangements over there and is coming back early. 

Here is an image of the fax:
khan_manka_saana_nights_fax.jpgFollowing is the text of his fax:

"Did anyone come to Yemen before we made this deal?  Jordan would have (??) better.  No TV!!  Can't watch Olympics.  No Alcohol - can't get DRUNK!!!  Coming home early.  KMJ"

This is all the information I have at the moment.  I don't have his arrival time in Los Angeles.  The jet is still on the ground in San'a, Yemen.  Please do not call the office for updates.  I will update you as I get any new information.


Happy Friday!

Vicky Adler-Modry,
Executive Assistant to
khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

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Ethan Rubidoux said:

Ooh, the Saana Nights Hotel? I think I'm glad I didn't go. They didn't have a Four Seasons?


Hollywood Producer said:

For tourists, Jordan would have been a better place to build a theme park. I don't know anyone who has been to Yemen... or plans to go to Yemen.

Jerry Hardwich said:

No alcohol in Yemen? What is the world coming to?!

John Perry said:

I wouldn't worry, sir. I think the park will be great. Yemen needs something like this to draw tourists. We will build it and they will come!

John Perry
Vice President - MBS Comedy Development

Georgette Hanim said:

My question is why was he staying at a hotel frequented by backpackers? He would have had satellite channels and booze if he'd stayed at the Movenpick.

fred said:

A man of your stature, Mr. Manka, should not be staying in a backpackers hotel. Someone dropped the ball!

Vicky Adler-Modry said:

Mr. Manka is back in Los Angeles. He doesn't want to receive any communication at all. No phone calls, no faxes, no emails.

Hollywood Producer said:

Movenpick doesn't sound so good either.

I should say that has lots of interesting information. Looks like the author did a good job. I will be coming back to for new information. Thank you.

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