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Manka Bros. Bets The Farm On “Hey Diddle Diddle”

Good morning. Following an all night film strategy brainstorming session, I am pleased to announce Manka Bros. has committed to produce a $250 million reimagining of the classic children’s fairy tale “Hey Diddle Diddle”. This is a mighty big bet for the studio and a…

Manka Bros. To Launch Facebook Killer

UPDATE:  Due to the moron dorks at my company who can’t seem to code worth a shit – Caligula has been pushed back to late 2018 (though the following announcement reflecting the excitement surrounding the release remains the same). Good morning. This is a very exciting day….

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The Warren Lieberfarb Experience

Good morning from the Wynn Encore in Vegas! Yesterday, I received a call from my old friend and employee Warren Lieberfarb.  I was completely taken by surprise as I hadn’t heard from him for a few years. His ego had gotten so completely out of…