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Manka Bros., Khan Manka, Emily Sachs, Manka Music Group, Emily's Music Dump, CD Shelf, classical musicGood afternoon.

The purpose of this blog is to force me to listen to every single recording of music I have in my personal collection.

The bulk of this collection is classical and I am starting with those recordings in alphabetical order.

This project is going to take a couple of years as I have several thousand CDs.

I’m also going to do a slight write-up of my opinions of the piece as well as all the information on the recordings that I can muster. This will include the name, conductor, performer, cover art, etc.

Should be a fun process and if anyone would like to help contribute their opinions – that would be icing on the cake.

Emily Sachs – President – Manka Music Group (a division of Manka Bros. Studios – the World’s Largest Media Company)

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  4. he purpose of this blog is to force me to listen to every single recording of music I have in my personal collection.

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