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Guest Blogger: Robin Rafe - President Manka Bros. Theatrical Group - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Guest Blogger: Robin Rafe - President Manka Bros. Theatrical Group

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Good morning, Manka Bros. employees.  Mr. Manka wanted me to type in a few words this morning.  He called and said his car wouldn't start and he might not be back in the office for another week or so. 

rampage of the stegosaur_cormac_mccarthy_small.jpg I noticed today's "This Day In Manka History" was the day we bought the rights to Cormac McCarthy's "Rampage Of The Stegosaur".  As we all know, the subsequent film released summer 2006 turned out to be a huge disappointment (what was it, a $200 million write off, David?)...

But the day we bought the rights for $25 million (an industry record for a novel) - that was a great day.  We were anticipating an insane bidding war with all the other studios.  When that didn't happen (why, I'll never know), I remember we wanted to retract our initial bid of $20 million to something more reasonable (like $2 or $3 million) but Khan Manka himself stepped into the negotiations and said "No, we have integrity.  We stand by our bid.  In fact, let's raise it to $25 million.  Mr. McCarthy has written an epic story for the ages and he must be paid!"  Even though we had to lay off a few lower level people because of the amount we paid out - I think it was still a courageous decision on Manka Bros. part.  Something we should all be proud of.

And the saga of "Rampage" is not over.  This summer "Rampage of the Stegosaur - The Musical" opens on Broadway; a direct to DVD movie is being produced (one of the most expensive direct to DVD movies from what I hear); as well as a slew of new video games and toys (which just missed being released for the Christmas Holidays - but will be available by President's Day).

So, be proud, Manka Bros. employees - you work for a great company with a great future.  Thanks to our Chairman & CEO Khan Manka for giving me this opportunity to write to you today.

rafe.gifRobin Rafe, President - Manka Bros. Theatrical Group

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