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Manka Bros. Will Make An Offer To Buy Apple! - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Manka Bros. Will Make An Offer To Buy Apple!

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Great news.  This morning I am heading up to Cupertino where I will make a formal offer for Manka Bros. to buy Apple (why the fuck Steve Jobs couldn't come down to Burbank to see me is something I still don't understand)... but, hey, we are the prey and they are the hunted.  This is a company I have been looking at very closely.  I have enjoyed some of their products ever since the Newton writing tablet set the world on fire.  My daughter, Connie, has an iNano and I have ordered a Macintosh notebook computer from our MIS department so I can see first hand what we'll be buying.  Somebody told me you can publish your own magazine on it.  That's something I've got to see!


Bob Iger at Disney told me that Steve Jobs is a tough negotiator (Disney paid $8 billion for 8 movies for Christ sake!) - so this meeting may take up most of the morning and possibly the entire day (I do have to be back by 7:00.  I have tickets to Wicked at 8:00).

This acquisition will not be cheap - so we are really going to have to cut back around here.  Start thinking of ways we can save money.  Just today, the Bob Hope Airport has offered some compensation if we allow plane traffic to fly over during business hours.  Our production people are worried about the planes affecting the sound of our movies and TV shows.  What they should be worried about is whether they will have a paycheck coming.

So let's do this thing, people!  Apple is a great company and will be a perfect fit with our other core businesses.  And with our recent announcement about short-form content production (I'm fairly certain that short-form content plays on Mac computers - another plus!), we are definitely staying on top of the cutting edge of new technologies.  And if you've seen their commercials on TV, the Mac computer guy is much more cool than that nerd PC.

This is a great day for Manka Bros.!


Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

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I love this site

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