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I Will Be Unable To Attend Herb Allen's Sun Valley Conference This Year... - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

I Will Be Unable To Attend Herb Allen's Sun Valley Conference This Year...

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Because of my broken ankle, I will not be attending Herb Allen's little summer camp for moguls this year.  The last thing I need right now is to be in a kayak with that whack job Barry Diller going down some God forsaken Idaho rapids.  I would have tried to make the effort if we would have completed our acquisition of Apple - but since they're such screw ups (not to mention Steve Jobs' frightful little dog Sasha) - there really isn't much news in the way of deal making that Manka Bros. has this year. 

Perhaps I will meet with Herb privately in New York when I'm back on my feet this fall.  I do want to do a major acquisition (Google or Facebook may fit our digital plans) but not until I am healthy again.

Please direct all studio business to Lloyd Grohl.

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

P.S. - To Jay McBee, I want my fucking turkey sandwich today on WHITE not WHEAT!

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David Chang said:

That's a shame, Khan. It's always such a great networking opportunity. Perhaps Manka Bros. should start our own mogul summer camp next summer that way we can control the guest list.

David Chang - CFO - Manka Bros. Studios

a said:

It's a stupid bullshit meeting. Who do these "moguls" think they are parading around some summer camp thinking they are changing the world?

Khan Manka said:

That's actually a good idea, David. That's one. I was expecting more than one good idea when you were hired.

Lloyd Grohl said:

Khan, if you hear from Herb in the next hours, tell him that I should come up in your place. As dumb as that thing is, we should probably have someone in attendance.


John Perry said:

It's their loss, sir. The conference won't be the same without you.

Eric Felber said:

Paul Krassner said you did go and you went with him. Which is it?

Eric Felber

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Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. StudiosKhan Manka, Jr. assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company - following his father Harry Manka's death in 1976. Before that he was the member of several Southern California rock bands.

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