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The Emmys Are This Sunday... - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

The Emmys Are This Sunday...

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Emmy_Award.gif... and, once again, we don't have a single nomination in the major categories.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!  I am so tired of going to this stupid show, sitting with my colleagues, and watching them, one after the other, jump onto the stage to accept "this Emmy as reward for all their hard work".  WHAT ABOUT ALL MY HARD WORK?!  Jesus fucking Christ!

I called my friend Peter Roth, who used to be a PA at Manka Bros. Television Productions and is now President of Warner Bros. Television, and asked him why the industry keeps punishing us year after year.  "Punishing you?", he said.  "Have you seen any of the shows you produce?"  He laughed when I told him I had not.   (That wasn't entirely true.  I did sit down a few months ago and watched our Wednesday night comedy block.  The shows weren't funny and very few of them had commercials - which, I assume, is what we need to pay for the content.)

peter_roth.jpgPeter went on to say that we should not have hired "that Radio Shack guy" to run our Television Group.  He was talking about Jay McBee (who won a nationwide contest a couple of years ago to become the new head of the Manka Bros. Television Group.  At the time, he was working at a Radio Shack in Sioux Falls, Iowa).  I think it was an excellent social experiment based on the the fact that "nobody knows nothing"... plus, we only have to pay him $35,000 a year.  McBee is so lame he would probably accept the minimum wage. 

I wished Peter good luck on whatever shows he has up for awards and told him that next year will be the year of our great new show Severed Fingers.  He mentioned something about it "being a rip off of his show The Mentalist.  I mentioned that he would still be an Orange County surf punk if it weren't for me!  The conversation sort of degraded from there with me slamming Two And A Half Men and him calling Five Kids, Five Dads and One Mom the worst show ever produced in the history of television.  Eventually, he apologized and said he had to go make more quality programming.  Yeah... like The Wayans Bros. Show!

So... it's another year for Manka Bros. Television.  And another year without Emmys.  Let's get to work TV Group!  I will not be embarrassed again next year. 

And, whoever is doing the seating arrangements... do not put me behind John Stamos again this year!

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

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Jay McBee said:

You put my salary your blog? It's been hard enough for me to get respect in this town.

John Perry said:

Severed Fingers is a rip-off of The Mentalist? More like the other way around.

This season is going to be huge for MBS. Next year we will be at the Emmys, standing on the stage and thank you, sir, 'Thanks to Khan Manka for his great leadership!'

John Perry
Vice President
MBS Comedy Development

Hollywood Producer said:

Hey Khan, what did Stamos do to you?

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Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. StudiosKhan Manka, Jr. assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company - following his father Harry Manka's death in 1976. Before that he was the member of several Southern California rock bands.

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