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Clarification on Jay McBee's Blog Entry - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Clarification on Jay McBee's Blog Entry

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Good evening.  I'm back in town from quick trip to Micronesia (at least some place in this world still has solid banks that love Hollywood - more on that another day). 

international_space_station_upfronts.jpgAll I have been hearing today is that Jay McBee has been moping around the Manka Bros. Television Group building (Bldg. 148C) because I had told him he couldn't go to the International Space Station to deliver MBS' Upfront Presentation to advertisers.  My first response is to say, calmly, that Jay McBee is not allowed to be the Guest Blogger on my Chairman's Blog ever again.  It is a sacred space reserved for those that are not morons.

I have to clarify something he wrote his blog... I NEVER FUCKING TOLD HIM HE COULD GO TO SPACE AND GIVE A PRESENTATION TO ADVERTISERS!  Jay McBee is a scrawny little punk.  He weighs about 70 pounds.  Space would rip him apart like I've done to so many pilot scripts he's sent to my office. 

jay_mcbee.jpgThere are a few things you need to know about Jay McBee:

  • Jay McBee is a fucking idiot.

  • Jay McBee is a fucking idiot who actually believed he would be the first television executive in space giving a presentation.  When he ran the idea by me a few months ago, I told him if he wanted to strap himself to a rocket and launch into space, I had no problem with that.  I do not consider that a greenlight to contact the Russians and NASA and try and get David Chang to cut them a $20 million check!  

  • Jay McBee is a fucking idiot and only has his job because he won a nationwide random-draw contest in 2006 which made him President of the Manka Bros. Television Group.  I only went ahead with the stupid contest because I was so sick of his predecessor, the horrible Bob Delavian.  I told Bob that anyone, and I mean anyone, would do a better job picking shows that he would.  (I then moved Bob to the Publicity Department, where he failed just as spectacularly).

  • Jay McBee is a fucking idiot and will be fired as soon as his three year contract is up (why I agreed to a three year contract is unknown - I was so drunk in 2006).  And I'm certainly not going to pay two people to do the same stupid job.  One person can fail much cheaper than two.
The television upfront presentation to advertisers will be at the Burbank Airport Marriott and Mr. McBee will be presenting what I believe will be the worst network line-up of the 2009/2010 season (especially since I stopped counting NBC as a network after Ben Silverman was hired). 

Not since Mr. McBee presented MBS' 2008/2009 season have I been this embarrassed.

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

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John Perry said:

Maybe one day, Jay. I guess the time and the cost wasn't quite right this time. I think the Burbank Marriott is better equipped to handle the stuff we want to show.

Hollywood Producer said:

I think Khan will be the only person that gets to go into space from Manka Bros. And he's really the only one that deserves to.

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