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MBS Announces Upcoming 2009/10 Television Schedule - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

MBS Announces Upcoming 2009/10 Television Schedule

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mbs_logo_white.gifGood morning.  MBS - one of the seven top broadcast networks in the country - today announced its 2009/2010 primetime network schedule [FULL PRESS RELEASE]

jay_mcbee.jpgDue to cost-cutting measures, the upfront presentation to advertisers was held from network President Jay McBee's cubicle in the Manka Bros. Television Group Main Admin Building (Building 37).  There was an untrue rumor going around that this year's MBS upfronts were going to be held on the International Space Station.  That was a complete bullshit story concocted by Jay McBee.  He was reprimanded with a severe pay cut and an across the board diminishing of his power.

As for the 2009/2010 schedule, frankly, I don't get it.  To be honest, off the record, I think it's a horrible line-up without one clear-cut breakout show.  We certainly need Forensics to perform well considering that bonehead McBee gave the show an eight season pickup.  Idiot.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the fall.  If things don't work out, you may want to check with the other networks to see if they are currently hiring.

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios

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John Perry said:

I can't speak for the drama side of development but the MBS comedies are solid, sir. You'll see. My Wife Left Me For Bucky Dent is golden.

John Perry - MBS Comedy Development

Hollywood Producer said:

At least you're programming 10pm with dramas. So many writers are losing their jobs because of the Leno thing and reality.

Fred said:

Severed Fingers looks pretty good. Or, at least, the girl in it looks pretty good.

Big Time Agent said:

I have to say, your slate looks better than the other networks.

now I'll be tuned..

any changes coming ?

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