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Manka Bros. Would Like To Offer Paul Bricault A Job - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Manka Bros. Would Like To Offer Paul Bricault A Job

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paul_bricault.jpgGood afternoon.  Yes, I know, Paul Bricault hasn't officially been fired from WME - but I read the rumors and I act on those rumors.  Ari Emanuel is a great friend of mine and long-time admirer of Manka Bros., but talent is talent and I don't consider it poaching once someone is fired.

Manka Bros. remains the World's Largest Media Company but is currently going through a rough couple of quarters (we especially had very disappointing 2Q 2009 earnings and a disastrous Board of Directors meeting yesterday).

Paul would bring a renewed energy and focus to the historic Manka Bros. brand and would be a welcome new face in the Main Admin. Building here in Burbank.  (I have to say, I am getting so fucking sick of looking at my current Senior Executive Team.)

We don't take Labor Day off here at the studio, so that would be a perfect day for you to start (September 7).  I hope that would give you enough time to move your office shit up to Burbank.  I'll put you in David Chang's office for the time being (worst CFO ever) and move him to the Frontier Bldg across the lot.

Paul, let me know your acceptance ASAP.

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company

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David Chang said:

I won't move to the Frontier Bldg. That building is where old executives go to die and I'm only 28. Send Ethan Rubidoux, he's the main reason we're in this mess.

David Chang - CFO - Manka Bros. Studios

Hollywood Producer said:

He's not leaving WME. They would be absolute idiots to let him go... oh, wait, never mind. Maybe he will be leaving.

Molly Glover said:

He probably won't need to go slumming. No offense, Khan. But I'm sure Disney would hire him. Or every other media company out there BEFORE Manka Bros. I'm trying to decide if I would work at Manka Bros. or prefer to be unemployed living on the streets. Right now, the streets would win. No offense.

Khan Manka, Jr. said:

No offense taken, Molly... you bitch.

Molly Glover said:


Bobby D. said:

I think it's official now, Khan. Check out DHD.

John Perry said:

He would make a great addition to the company, sir. Great idea!

John Perry - MBS Comedy Development

About Khan Manka, Jr.

Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. StudiosKhan Manka, Jr. assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company - following his father Harry Manka's death in 1976. Before that he was the member of several Southern California rock bands.

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