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Camel Turkish Gold - Breathe In The Turkish - Khan Manka, Jr. - The Chairman's Blog

Camel Turkish Gold - Breathe In The Turkish

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Camel_Turkish_Gold.jpgGood afternoon. 

As the writer of a wildly popular blog (I only started it to better communicate with my employees at Manka Bros.) and the fact that I am a major figure in the media world, I receive quite a few offers to endorse products.  Most of them shit products like Coke or BMW.

Frankly, there is nothing I would rather do less than endorse someone else's stupid product.  It offends me that anyone thinks they can buy my services for any price.  If you want to hire a whore, call Jay McBee (President of the Manka Bros. Television Group) or Michael Eisner

So when the good people of Camel called my office to see if I wanted to push their Turkish Gold cigarettes on my blog, I was completely offended and told them to get the fuck off my phone! 

Who the hell do they think they are?  I'm Khan Fucking Manka!  I don't push YOUR products - you push MINE!  Assholes!  

I don't need to be paid a boatload of money by some greedy corporation to express my love for Camel Turkish Gold cigarettes. 

Seriously, each drag of a Camel Turkish Gold cigarette is super smooth - silky almost.  Like an autumn breeze in Instanbul.  It's the only cigarette I would ever smoke.

Camel Turkish Gold - "Breathe In The Turkish!"

khan_jr1_small.jpgKhan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company

P.S. Camel Turkish Gold is the sole sponsor of Forensics on MBS.

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Molly Glover said:

Good for you, Khan. You really stuck it to them? I guess we can't date now. You're a smoker.

Hollywood Producer said:

I certainly hope they backed up the truck. That crap will blacken your lungs.

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Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO - Manka Bros. StudiosKhan Manka, Jr. assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of Manka Bros. Studios - The World's Largest Media Company - following his father Harry Manka's death in 1976. Before that he was the member of several Southern California rock bands.

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