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Sinkhole (1995) - Las Vegas sinks hundreds of feet into the desert. Most people die but a few gamblers and showgirls are determined to stay alive.

Murder, LLC (1995) - A young bookkeeper becomes a made man after he persuades the Mafia to take advantage of new, advantageous tax laws to streamline their operations.

Forever Spring Break (1995) - Frat guy P.J. meets a Genie in Ft. Lauderdale and is granted one wish. He chooses forever spring break. Do you know what happened to the frat boy who got everything he ever wanted? He lived happily ever after.

XXXXX (1995) - Sequel to "XXXX." A philosopher fights even armed only with Zeno's arrow.

Dadbot (1996) - Starring Dick Van Patten. Not all humans are made of flesh and bone.

Pull The Pin (1996) - When a witness to a murder wakes up with hand grenades strapped to his body, there's one thing he doesn't want to do. He's only got 88 minutes to rid himself of the explosives.

Love At First Site (1996) - Romance blossoms in a new thing called a "chat room."

I'm Not Roger (1996) - New high school kid, who looks eerily like the popular football quarterback that died last year. He tries to convince everyone that he's not Roger.

All Tied Up (1996) - High school version of Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound."

Caste Your Vote (1996) - An Indian (Hindu) is elected President of the United States and institutes a strict caste system.

The Book Of Judges (1997 - Manka Faith) - Animated musical retelling of the Book of Judge's in the Old Testament.

Macarena Forever (1997) - Hot nights and cool hombres. This is one movie that is here to stay. Starring the Baka Boys.

Immaterial (1997) - Modern retelling of "The Emperor's New Clothes" featuring Shannon Tweed as Empress Jill.

Yugo Nodoff: Asleep At The Wheel (1997) - America's favorite late night comedy cop from Manka Bros.' Stupid Skit Show gets the big screen treatment.

20 Bottles Of Tequila (1997) - Party guests are not allowed to leave until they have consumed 20 bottles of tequila.

Euripides... You Pay For Deez (1997) - A heavy-set junior high school girl, taunted by the popular Aphrodite and Phaedra, invests in a pair of jeans that will poison her nemesis through their skin in this adaptation of Hippolytus.

Westward Hos (1997) - Prostitutes head West in search of miners.

The Flying Fish Of Rae Dawn Chong (1997) - Based on the Manka Books best-seller of the same name by Southern writer Gene Maunam. The coming of age story revolves around a kid with a speech impediment who always mispronounced the name of the local lake.

The Teenish King (1998) - A breakaway republic of teens elects a King. This King has quite a few conditions for the U.S. Government.

Billy Mays: The Power Of Orange (1998) - Manka Bros. experimented with "Infomovies" - full feature films that promoted Oxy Clean. In the movie, Billy Mays must find the "Evil Dirt Stain" and kill it with the Power of Orange.

Ep-Caught (1998) - "Midnight Express" at Disney World.

Blood Toast (1998) - Operatic gangster epic centering on mob deadbeats and their daily meeting at Joey's Diner.

Crash Landing (1998) - Agatha Christie's "10 Little Indians" set aboard the Space Shuttle - starring Drake Derrek.

Swallow Your Pride (1998) - On his wedding night, a man discovers how bad a lover his wife is which comes as terrible blow to him. Then he gets involved in a drug heist.

The Art Of High School (1999) - High school can be confusing, but Kyle will make it through utilizing the principles from Sun Tzu's 2,000-year-old "Art Of War."

Fetus Andronicus (1999) - In Placentia, California, babies are mysteriously eating their mothers... from the inside! Online mystery writer DiAlm4_374 adapts Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus."

Michael Bay's "Rope" (1999) - Remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope."

000000 (1999) - Business was brisk for this Y2K disaster flick when it opened Christmas weekend, 1999, but was followed by an unexpected extreme drop-off the subsequent weekend.

The Things We Do For Love (1999) - Can junior executive David Schwimmer find love with hunchback hot dog vendor Robin Tunney in Chicago? Manka Music's teen recording artists Down Wit' It remake the 10cc title cut.

Blood Is Thicker Than Horror (1999) - Twin brothers fight horror on the Nebraska plains. Can you fight horror if the horror is within? Or without?

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