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The Arm (2017) - A Valentine to the world from Nicolas Sparks' half-brother Randy. A world-renowned, attractive but lonely Doctor (Celia Addison) finds a male arm on an Outer Banks beach and decides to find out whose arm it is. What she finds is true love.

Sheetah: Harvest Of Sorrow (2017-3D) - From MC Comics. Sheetah's first solo film focus on her origin story. Born during the great Chinese famine of 1263, Sheetah survived on dirt and was raised by locusts (before eating them). Her lightning speed and locust wings helped seed the clouds, bringing rain and prosperity to her village.

Magic-Con (2017-3D) - Top Magicians from around the world gather annually at a Scottish castle where there is no exit or entrance after the doors have shut. When Magicians start disappearing, the others wonder whether they are dead or is it just magic. Yes.

Desktop Icons (2017-Animated 3D) - Disgraced but innovative former Pixar animators Gary Clove and Sylvester Halperin create a world populated entirely by the desktop icons we've all come to cherish - but as lovable animated characters! Watch nerdy Adobe Reader and the heroic Excel vie for the affections fo sleek, sexy Google Chrome, while hip-hop sensation "Word!" turns iTunes on its ear!

Henry The Filth (2017) - Acclaimed British director Val Breston brings a dirty, aggressive tone to the story of Henry V (Charlie Hunnam), amping up the testosterone, the sweat and slow-motion swordplay. Breston reportedly employed the most mud ever used in film history.

T.O.R.N.A.T.O.: Midnight Storm (2017-3D) - From MC Comics. T.O.R.N.A.T.O. (which includes The Javelin, Sheetah, Uncle Knuckles, The Brown Haze, Mico Wife and Skull Boy) rises from the ashes following last year's "Skullboy: Birth Of T.O.R.N.A.T.O. This time, the enemies are from within.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (2017 - Animated 3D) - An animated musical based on the tragic 1975 sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in which all 29 crew members died. Music by Edison Kay and Lyrics by Sherwood Kuhl & Tom Steadman [Rampage of the Stegosaur: The Musical].

My Bad (2017) - Hilarious futuristic sci-fi comedy set aboard a spaceship, where the hapless engineer Larry is constantly breaking stuff and apologizing. When the crew's life hangs in the balance, he's at his most inept. But is he accident-prone... like a fox?

The Javelin 2: Heroes Unwelcome (2017-3D) - From MC Comics. The Javelin is tired and wants to retire even though the world is falling apart around him. Johnny Crasp & The Lost Trood jump into the T.O.R.N.A.T.O. universe to lend a hand.

Wifeguards (2017) - An adaptation of the 1990s MBS (two season) smash hit about the weekday shenanigans that go on poolside at exclusive Willeston Club pool. Our trusty band of muscled lifeguards are challenged with the task of figuring which of the cougar regulars drowned one of their own.

Space Nazis (2017) - Set in the 1970s, this could-be-true story depicts how the Soviets kidnapped five former S.S. commanders and blasted them into the galaxy to explore new worlds.

Pebble Boy: Who Is Pebble Boy? (2017-3D) - From MC Comics. Origin story of Pebble Boy - the boy who was raised by rocks, has the strength of a million men and is currently attending Franklin Elementary School in Des Moines, Iowa.

Rap City In Blue (2017) - A powerful and detailed look at the birth of hip-hop and rap, told through the prism of rap pioneers Beastie Boys, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly and Vanilla Ice.

Untitled Christmas Movie (2017) - Movie about a dysfunctional family getting together at Christmas or some kid who doesn't believe in Santa Claus [the script isn't finished].

Untitled Academy Awards-type Movie (2017) - High-quality drama that has a really good shot at getting Academy Award nominations [story logline unavailable because the script isn't finished.]

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