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John Ferriter and The Jay Leno Show - OnMedea

John Ferriter and The Jay Leno Show

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So, this morning, I said that Leno's 4.5/8 share was a disaster for NBC and they should start to think about living in a post-Leno world. 

john_ferriter_ben_silverman.jpgBut this morning I was made aware of a statement by John Ferriter (head of WME's Non-Scripted Department) at the Producers Caucus Panel that all Jay Leno needed to get was a 1.5 share (A18-49) in order to make NBC $300 million


Now by "make" I don't know if he means revenue (which doesn't make it a crazy statement) or profit (which makes it a crazy statement).  Either way - it's bullshit and I don't believe it. 

If this was true, why wouldn't every network do it?  Why wouldn't Jeff Zucker be screaming it from the rooftops to Wall Street?  Gossip Girl gets a 1.5 rating and The CW doesn't make shit.  I know... I know... it's not apples-to-apples - but it's still bullshit.

I started to wonder why John Ferriter would take such a bold stand and why does he really care?  Then I found the above picture of Mr. Ferriter with my old friend Ben Silverman in Vegas and it all made sense.  Seems to me Mr. Ferriter is just defending his friends' crazy business model.  Ben has dated quite a few crazy business models in the past - but none so bold and insane as the one that makes $300 million for 1.5 rating.  Now that's one hot model!

Why would NBC let such a genius get away?

So, according to my math, a 4.5/8 share should "make" NBC around $900 million. 

Jesus Christ!  The Broadcast Network business is a great business!

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Hollywood Producer said:

I suppose we'll find out soon enough. that's where the ratings are headed. Probably be there by next week. I guess they can start raking in those profits.

Molly glover said:

Makes sense. If a friend of mine came up with some idea that was risky, I would probably defend my friend.

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