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The Jay Leno Show Has Failed - OnMedea

The Jay Leno Show Has Failed

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jay_leno_has_failed.jpgBased on last night's overnight ratings (September 30, 2009:  4.1/7), the above headline is what nearly every television production executive is screaming down the halls today (with the exception of those at NBC Universal.  They're probably screaming something like... Will Comcast contribute to my 401K?  What happens to our stock options?, etc.).

Now, a 4.1/7 is a grand slam on The CW.  If every show on The CW got a 4.1/7, Dawn Ostroff (President) would be carried around on one of those Cleopatra-type chairs.  However, this is NBC and this is Jay Leno.  We've heard from stories past (lies in my opinion), that Jay only needs to "get a 1.5 rating (A18-49) to make $300 million a year for NBC".  So a 4.1/7 is comfortably in that range - but still pathetic based on pre-season expectations.

However, there is a way that NBC can save face in the middle of this debacle.  They don't even need to cancel The Jay Leno Show (why would you when you're making that kind of bank?  I'm sure Comcast will do a complete audit in due-diligence - so one day we'll know for sure).

Here's what you do, NBC: BUY BILLBOARDS strategically-positioned around every major television production facility (as demonstrated below).  Every week, update the profit number of The Jay Leno Show and then put a tag at the bottom that reads something like:  "Hey TV Execs, how are your fall shows doing?  Throwing Off Any Cash?"

jay_leno_profit_billboard_600.jpgThis would bring home the fact that The Jay Leno Show HAS NOT FAILED.  It might just stop this town from obsessing over ratings and fucking market share.  Ask The Food Network about their profits?  I think they'll tell you they're doing just fine.  And when was the last time they got even a 1.0/3 share?  It means nothing. 

But, NBC, you have lost the PR war and it's time to fight back.  Forget trying to put TV stars from other networks on with JayJay is about movie stars and pop icons.  Fuck Julianna Margulies, Jay.  You don't need her or her TV friends and complaining in the media about it makes you look like a pussy (even more so).

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

P.S. - I have nothing against Julianna Margulies.  Big fan.  She's just F-ed by example.

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Molly Glover said:

You're trying to help them? You're nuts. I think that would be a pathetic move on their part to put up billboards. Such a defensive move. The only thing that can save them is Law & Order. Or sports. Sports could help.

Hollywood Producer said:

2 blogs in one day? What's going on, chica? I agree that a billboard like that would be a nice 'fuck you' to the town - but I agree with you that the numbers are bullshit. So there aren't profits like that to boast about.

Hollywood Producer said:

btw, I think you already knew that (my previous post).

Fred T. said:

Low ratings don't bother if it's a good show but it's a terrible show! REally not funny.

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