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White Male Disney Executives Embrace Women - OnMedea

White Male Disney Executives Embrace Women

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bob_iger_richard_ross.jpgApparently, Rich Ross has had an epiphany:  Women like movies. 

According to the Los Angeles Times (and I'm paraphrasing/ reading between-the-lines), Rich Ross has told (male) literary agents at (male) literary agencies (who represent [male] literary writers), that (Walt) Disney Studios would like to produce more films that appeal to women. 

It must have been one of those 'flux capacitor' moments for Rich Ross and got me wondering about how genius manifests itself.  I mean, thoughts this brilliant don't just come along every day. 

So in my own inferior mind, I began to wonder how the scene must have played out in Bob Iger's office (or wherever it occurred) and believe it happened like this:

robert_iger.jpgBob Iger, in sweaty shorts and a T-shirt is slamming racquetballs against the giant windows of his office (the one with the Seven Dwarfs outside).

Intercom:  Mr. Iger, your nephew, Richard Ross, is here to see you.

Bob Iger:  He's not my nephew.  Send him in.

Richard Ross enters.

Rich:  Uncle Bob, I want to run something by you.

Bob:   Rich, I'm not your uncle.

Rich:  We can play it that way.  I'm hip to that.

Bob:  What's on your mind?

Rich:  Women.

Bob:  Really?  You?  Explain.

rich_ross.jpgRich:  I think we need to make movies that appeal to women.  Kagan recently did a study that came to the conclusion that women actually go to movies.  That they actually... enjoy movies.

Bob:  You mean like Pirates of the Caribbean and Walt Disney's A Christmas Carol?

Rich:  I mean like Twilight and Sandra Bullock movies.

Bob:  Jesus Christ.  What the fuck are you saying to me? 

Rich:  I'm saying we need to get together with some of the top male screenwriters and producers in Hollywood and come up with the next generation of "Twilights" and "Sandra Bullock" movies.  In order to survive, we need to tap more women.

Bob:  Then do it.  You have my full support.

Rich:  Thanks, Bob.

Bob:  Uncle... Bob.

Rich smiles and leaves.

That may not have been exactly the way it played out - but the end result will be films manufactured by men that attempt to appeal to women that do nothing but turn women off.

My advice to DisneyPirates of the Caribbean 4.  Appeal to women when you have a good story to tell, not by turning a "John Travolta" script into a "Sandra Bullock" script.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

No comment. Thanks Jill.

Hollywood Producer said:

It's all overblown this 'movies that appeal to women' thing. There have always been movies that appeal to women, to men, to kids, to every demographic, etc. There have obviously been more movies that appeal to young men, but that's the engine that drives the train. Disney better keep its eye on the prize.

Jill Kennedy said:

I agree with you, HP. It's when there is an announcement or pronouncement made that is as ridiculous as "we're going to make movies that appeal to women" that makes me angry.

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