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American Idol - R.I.P. - OnMedea

American Idol - R.I.P.

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american_idol_headstone.jpgAnother iconic American television show is dead. 

Simon Cowell (with impeccable timing as always) announced today at the Television Critics Association winter press tour he has decided to leave American Idol to become creator/producer/judge of the American version of his hit UK talent show The X Factor.  That show will launch in 2011 on Fox.

Simon has realized (along with the rest of the country) that American Idol has become irrelevant and knew it was time to move on. 

A word of advice to Simon Fuller and the producers of American Idol... make this season your last.  Don't attempt some lame version of A.I. without Simon Cowell.  It won't work and people won't watch.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

The problem is they don't allow Simon to talk enough as it is. I would really like to hear his criticisms but it always got into the other judges pontificating. I just wanted to hear Simon. Maybe on the new show he'll talk more.

Hollywood Producer said:

Simon is American Idol. It will be a pathetic show without him but I'm sure they will try it at least for one season. Get some big celebrity to sit there and try and critique like Simon. It will be a disaster.

Bobby Dee said:

Based on last night's shitty first show I would say it's dead to me already. I'm sure it will limp on for five more seasons with some horrible guest judges but it's over.

Despite coming across as a massive jerk on TV, Simon is actually a great guy. He does a lot for charity. Top bloke.

Simon was the finest aspect of American Idol. Now that he is leaving I think I will quit watching.

I wish Simon Cowell would still be a judge on American Idol. I respect his honesty.

who is Simon and Paula and Ellen, and ?, these judges are awesome, and refreshing....Good Luck! Good the show....looking good Jennifer.....

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