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Ben Silverman's DumbDumb Deal - OnMedea

Ben Silverman's DumbDumb Deal

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ben_silverman_hat.jpgYes, this deal is as DumbDumb as you can get.

How to build a successful startup:  Step #1 - Use Barry Diller's money to fund a vanity production label with a friend from high school.

Yes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett (in particular) are talented guys but anyone who thinks they will spend any real time on this venture is out of their minds.  Sure, we'll get the standard Will Ferrell-type Funny of Die videos of Bateman and Arnett walking around with a steady-cam eating Doritos and improvising about how easy this internet stuff is - but will anything of value come out of DumbDumb

Bateman Arnett.jpgBen Silverman knows the answer to this and laughs at how DumbDumb some people must be.  I would imagine Barry Diller also knows the answer.  Unfortunately, he's the ultimate DumbDumb in this equation for funding Electus in the first place.

But for now... it's all just so exciting.  I know I'm just a cockeyed optimist, but I just can't wait for Ben to change the world again.  And I'm super glad that they took the time out of the arduous process of building the successful DumbDumb business model to appear in Las Vegas for the announcement (along with the awesomely hilarious Notional CEO Lord Ricky Van Veen).

I just hope it's not the same business model that Ben Silverman developed for ElectusSpend $100 million on the development (but not the execution) of digital content and when that money is gone - launch another start-up with another sugar daddy.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

Don't blame the celebrities. They're just cashing the checks. it's the idiots who give them the checks that are the problem here. Digital content with celebrities never really amount to much more than a press release and a party.

Hollywood Producer said:

dumbdumb is right. All these wanna be moguls should look at New Line or Miramax or any of those, eventual, successful models. Finding low cost content that appeals to a solid core audience. Build from there. Look at how fast DreamWorks burned through their initial capital. You can't buy marketshare. that $100 million will be gone. I want to see if Electus paid for Bateman and Arnett's hotel rooms in Vegas.

Barry Whitman said:

Lady your a hater. Ricky van v is the freakin' man!

Bobby D said:

Damn right, Jill. Silverman is as sleazy as they come and I don't understand why people keep giving him money.

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