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The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - OnMedea

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

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Done dealThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 11:35 - 12:35.  Conan O'Brien:  SOL.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

Is it done? Is it all over? Can I come out from under my desk? That image is creepy, Jill. Is that the phoenix rising?

Hollywood Producer said:

Whatever. I'm glad some decision has been made. I wish Zucker would have been fired. Can we trust TMZ?

Randy Dulles said:

Exactly. I think this story has run its course. I don't we'll see hundreds of celebrities backing Conan. The Haitian earthquake has made it all so insignificant.

Billy nongravity said:

Thank god. The nightmare is over. Leno sucks. I don't watch now. I won't watch then.

Keith O said:

The outcome that was expected. I did not expect it to be so dramatic.

Anonymous said:

ridiculous. Conan is a much smarter and funnier person than Leno -- terrible choice. NBC will burn.

virgil said:

Hey Jays got a Classy act and when he s back there in the saddle ill be right the to watch him even though ill lose a lil sleep to do it.i did give Conan a chance and he was ok at first. well then he slipped back into the stupid antics he was well known for before he got the nod.I was so pleased to see jay on at 10 wow i get more sleep hummmm right.. well Conan ya had to go screw it up,better yet now youre gonna CRY in your beer... All ytou had to do is act with a lil class. My dad always said son you can fix a dumb thing but you cant fix STUPID...... nuff said...

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Jill Kennedy - Blogger - OnMedea Jill Kennedy is an Ivy League MBA / refugee from Lehman Brothers.

Manka Bros. (and the Manka Business Channel) hired her (for a very low sum) to cover the world of media (not the world of Medea) in her own words without corporate interference.

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She was a sorceress and wife of Jason, whom she assisted in obtaining the Golden Fleece. When Jason deserted her, she chopped up their children. One could say, Medea acted as rationally as a major media company.


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