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Electus - COMING SOON! - OnMedea

Electus - COMING SOON!

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electus_coming_soon.jpgI see Ben got the message (though the horse and buggy logo doesn't inspire "future of entertainment").

"Coming Soon"
is a step in the right direction, I suppose.  Just be sure and have a "Thanks for the Memories" logo ready once the money is gone.

By the way, I enjoyed the Orbit CommercialJason Bateman and Will Arnett are perfect in those commercials.  They really made gum chewing cool.  

Most gum commercials don't get a launch party.  But most gum commercials aren't made by Ben Silverman's company.  And with the death of independent film, celebrity parties to show gum commercials just may be the new normal.  (The key words here are "gum" and "commercials".)

Perhaps the next step is for Electus or Notional to come up with an Award that it can give the gum commercial so that Ben can call it "Award Winning" at his next corporate presentation.

And, maybe, down the line, those five minute "gumisodes" can be trimmed down to 30 seconds and shown on regular television - then you'll really sell some gum.  But the fellows at DumbDumb may not think that's as cool.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Fred Thomas Fred said:

Tremendous. Though my life seems to remain the same. I'm waiting for Ben to change it.

Molly Glover said:

Come on, Fred! Ben is god-like but he's not God. Only you can change your life.

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