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Jason Bateman Cuts iPhone Line - Gets Booed - OnMedea

Jason Bateman Cuts iPhone Line - Gets Booed

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jason_bateman_cuts_iphone_line_2.jpgWho cares?  He's a celebrity and celebrities win.  Deal with it.  No one would care if the Pope or Rupert Murdoch was moved to the front of the line.

I think the 'booing' was more because of the Orbit Gum Commercial Jason produced for DumbDumb and Electus than for getting special treatment by a store manager.

I also heard a rumor that at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York, once it was discovered that Ben Silverman was standing in line like a common schmuck, people in front of him laid on the ground.  Police then ordered Ben to step over and on their bodies to get to the front.  Ben did gladly and was able to get the last phone in stock (which was promptly comped to him by the store because of who he was).

And in Queens, New York, Ricky Van Veen waited in line for over 24 hours and still didn't get a phone and wasn't allowed to cut.  He also still hasn't been able to get tickets to Twilight Eclipse.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

What's disturbing is that he didn't think that this would become a story? Or even more disturbing, he knew it would become a story and frankly didn't care.

Hollywood Producer said:

I saw something about this on a morning news report. I wonder how big the story will get. Poor Ricky - he so wants to be a big boy.

fredthomasfred said:

If someone wanted to pull me out of the line and out of the heat, I would take it - boos and all.

Orbit Gum said:

Don't blame the gum. The gum is yummy.

Danny R said:

This story is really getting around. Hundreds of blogs have now picked up on it. Some people are defended Jason and saying that he was patiently waiting in line until an Apple employee pulled him out of the line. That's fine - but he is seen texting right before being pulled out. He could have been texting to an assistant "get me the hell out of this line."

Jason Bateman said:

Hello. If I may defend myself. I had an appointment for a champagne massage that I just couldn't miss.

I hope this explains things to the freaks and losers stuck in that line.


Hollywood Producer said:

Maybe his next Orbit Gum short can be about that dirty feeling you get when you're a line cutter and the gum helps all the pissed off people around him feel happier.

Tony said:

@Danny R

Who the hell cares its a phone for crying out loud! It's a shame that stuff like this makes the news anyhow, "Person cut in line at apple store" OH THE HORROR!!! i understand there are people who camp out for this stuff and it may seem unfair BUT GUESS WHAT LIFE ISNT FAIR! celebrities have and always will get preferred treatment, plus at the end of the day is this really news worthy?

Jill Kennedy said:

But what really is news worthy? People are just trying to pass the time until they get drunk.

Allison said:

None of really matters, right? Love the Ricky Van Veen bit. He's a real prick deserving every bit of criticism.

Manka Joe said:

Poor guy. Now he's going to have to go on Letterman and Kimmel and do comedy bits about cutting to the front of the line. He may even have to do a Funny or Die short making fun of himself cutting in line just to get back in favor with people.

Given that Bateman has had work, and steady work at that for the last five or six years or more, it's not hard to see why there's so much animosity being directed at him. He's fabulously wealthy, he has projects lined up, and he could have paid three assistants to wait in line for him. That he went himself, in a t-shirt, and cut in line speaks volumes. Not only is he frugal, he'll rub his frugality in your face, and then he'll go on to cash another big check.

Kudos to you, sir. I think you have the capacity for a great deal of evil.

"People are just trying to pass the time until they get drunk."

You speak my language, Jill!

Dann0 said:

This isn't the first line Jason Bateman cut, no. It was 1987 the movie was Aliens. Jason tried to cut in line in Westwood, but was stopped by the theatre security.

Lets hope he got kicked out for that one.

ohh wow thats crazyy.

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