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Facebook To Reach 7.3 Billion Users By 2015 - OnMedea

Facebook To Reach 7.3 Billion Users By 2015

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OK, it's September.  The power players in the media world have completed their 'summering' and can now return to the passion of their lives - ridding the world of boredom and malaise by producing films, TV shows, games and websites.  So... it's great to be back.

facebook_slide_unique_user_projections.jpgThe title of this blog is truly remarkable and, frankly, bullshit. 

I received the chart to the left from a friend of mine at Facebook (which was pulled from a recent management presentation). 

Takeaway:  The number of Facebook users by 2015 will EXCEED THE EARTH'S POPULATION. 

Sounds impossible I know.  But I suppose nothing is impossible when it comes to Facebook.  Because at Facebook it's not "Impossible", it's "I'm Possible".

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog titled "Facebook Is Worthless".  I stand by the arguments in that blog (even though I received the wrath of many a Facebook insider who doesn't want to see the value of their stock options go down) because, no matter what Facebook senior management tries to tell the press, no one seriously believes they are profitable.  I believe the real numbers would freak too many people out who are praying for an IPO in the near future.

Just because everyone is on it doesn't mean the future is bright.  Just look at the AOL and Microsoft monopolies in the 1990s.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Fred Thomas Fred said:

I can believe that. I personally have 3 sign ups. I've read that dead people are on FB. And there is a huge growth opportunity in dead people. They go back thousands of years.

Paul Bond said:

500 million down. 6.5 billion to go!

Facebook User #423,547,089 said:

I believe it.

Craig said said:

Craig said come on, b, what a waste of time.

Loki said:

So all third world poor starving countries are suddenly going to be decked out with fancy computers? Oh and running water and electricity? All babies and toddlers will have their own facebook profiles?
The world won't end or be culled by the Bilderbergs in 2012?

I believe the population of the whole planet may hit 7.3 billion in 5 years but they won't all be on facebook. You can still get on the internet without Facebook.

facebook said:

I believe the graph, because Facebook is slowly taking over everything. All networked devices will have their own Facebook accounts, as well as animals, trees, etc. All of these added together will surpass the world's human population.

is asking, If Facebook didn't exist, What would you be doing right now????????????????? (Answers below)

Hey there,Wonderful post, although i'm more curious in what will come out of the google vs facebook social network war. I have not discovered much news on it lately, which likely means that it's definitely not that far off, but i've a idea its really going to really mean some significant changes to social networks. For me, i'd personally rather facebook left the battle still in the lead for the reason that google's already large enough, and they currently hold excessive data on everyone. I do not believe both can exist though, either google's social network will dominate or totally crash. What does everybody else feel?

John said:


That's classic Silicon Valley hype and your blog on FB being worthless is spot on. Not because they don't have a real business model & can't discover one but because their leadership is so into themselves and growth they're not smart enough to realize even Google wouldn't be what Google is today without! If they hadn't copied Bill Gross's model and created AdWords, GOOG would be GOOGQ and in the pinks by now if traded at all. Of course, that's just an assumption since I haven't read the court records however, they decided to settle for 2.6m shares of GOOG to make him go away so, I believe it's a safe assumption!

Love to hear your thoughts on Twitter.

Keep up the good work, someones gotta tell the truth before VC's become TBTF and we gotta bail them out,too!



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