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OnMedea: October 2010 Archives

October 2010 Archives

peter_jackson_2001.jpgpeter_jackson_2010.jpgDear Peter Jackson,

Please eat. 

I've been speaking to some fanboys (and girls) and they OVERWHELMINGLY would prefer that a fat Peter Jackson directs "The Hobbit" rather than the less creative skinny Peter Jackson

With the Holidays coming up, there is plenty of opportunity for you to pack on at least 50 pounds before film production begins next year. 

Based on the great sacrifice your country has made to make sure 'The Hobbit' is made in New Zealand, there is a lot at stake.  The least you can do is have a few extra helpings of lasagna and eggnog to ensure that the finished product is more "Lord of the Rings" and less "Lovely Bones".

Craft Services is your friend - less salad and more empty calories, please (Red Vines and donuts are good).  And alcohol.  Lots of alcohol.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

P.S. - And start wearing your glasses again!

broadcast_networks_death_and_dying.jpgFor Broadcast Networks, the end is coming and it's time for them to Accept their fate.

This isn't to say ABC, CBS, FOX, MBS, NBC, Univision and The CW (and similar Broadcast Networks around the world) are going away.  They'll just have to transform into one of the million other "Channels" out there - high profile Channels with good programming and production values - but still just another button on the Great Media Grid like ESPN, TNT, USA, Oxygen, (indeed), YouTube, etc.

According to a model developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book "On Death and Dying", there are Five Stages of Grief

Over the past 20 years or so, Broadcast Networks have bounced around the First Four Stages in an effort to fight off the inevitable:

1.  Denial:  Broadcast Networks will always be the only place to reach a large audience.  We don't see that ever going away.  No one is going to watch the shit they make on Cable.  It's nothing but George Foreman Grill infomercials and drunken Jackass teenagers riding their bikes into traffic.

2.  Anger:  It's just not right!  They make such crap on Basic Cable.  How are they pulling in more advertising than us?!  I don't give a shit about the ratings of "Jersey Shore", the content on Broadcast Networks is far superior and always will be.  Goddamnit!  And don't you dare mention that fucking "Mad Men" to me again!  And Hell will freeze over before we ever produce a series for that inferior platform  There's no syndication value.  It's bullshit!

3.  Bargaining:  The playing field is not level.  It's not fair.  We really need you cable and satellite operators to pay us to retransmit our signal.  Don't forget - we're the Broadcast Networks.  If you give us two revenue streams, we'll give you really great programming with high ratings and advertising rates that are healthy for everyone.  Don't you realize there is only one place to reach a large audience?

4.  Depression:  Remember when Saturday night was the greatest night on television - when three networks (and three network Presidents) controlled every household?  Everyone had incredible line-ups.  It will never be that good again.  Thursday night used to be a place where advertisers needed us to launch a new movie or car or department store sales.  Those were the days.  Oh well, at least we still have our beach houses and court side basketball seats.

5.  Acceptance:  It's going to be okay.  It's not so bad to be equated with TBS.  I mean, they have Conan O'Brien now.  They are sort of like a Broadcast Network.  And we're still bigger than most of the other Channels.  And we'll get the Super Bowl back one day (after ESPN and The Food Network have their turns).  It's all good.


The death of Broadcast Networks may not happen in the next five years but it IS going to happen and the sooner we put them out of their misery and end that painful decline, the faster the industry can heal and begin to grow again. 

leslie_moonves.jpgMake no mistake, nothing can be done to save Broadcast Networks.  It's an old concept in a new world. 

For old school TV executives and their Madison Avenue chronies who are accustomed to lavish Upfront Presentations at Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and the International Space Station, it's time to just let it go.  The Days of Wine and Roses and Fine Dining and Muffin Baskets are over.

Broadcast Network defenders (yes, Les Moonves, this means you) are becoming pathetic.  Face the facts, ESPN and Google are more valuable than CBS.  It may not seem fair - but there are many new Sheriffs in town.   Remember, if  you're in a business where single-digit drops in viewers is the New Growth, your business sucks.

So what are the Broadcast Networks supposed to do next?  Very simple.  Just accept equal footing (two revenue streams - subscription and advertising - enough with this silly Retrans business that no one can understand) and continue to run your business as just another Channel on the Grid

In the future (and it's coming), with a channel lineup grid that will be sorted Alphabetically and not by "importance" or "size" (and will include TV channels, websites and whatever else comes up) programming is, as it always has been, King . 

And may the best programmer win.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

juan_williams_fox_news.jpgjuan_williams_NPR.jpgRemember, whichever side you are on in this debate, Juan Williams had TWO JOBS during the worst economy since the Great Depression when so many people out there can't even get ONE JOB

I think it was good of NPR to fire Juan Williams if only for the simple fact that they can now hire an out of work Political Commentator who can get off the public dole.

Interesting that Fox News would reward a guy with a $2 million dollar contract who basically said that Muslims who are dressed as their religion requires(!!) make him nervous on an airplane. 

Juan Williams perfectly fits the mold of the "Fox News Liberal".

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea 

Digg - R.I.P.

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digg_rip.jpgLesson #1:  If Google offers you $200 million for a business that has no real focus or vision - TAKE IT.

Lesson #2:  If the due diligence doesn't back up a $200 million valuation and someone else offers you $80 million - TAKE IT.

Lesson #3:  If you ignore Lessons #1 and #2 and decide to redesign your very popular (but unprofitable) website - MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T SUCK.

Lesson #4:  If the redesign of the website sucks and the entire world complains - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Lesson #5:  If Lesson #4 is ignored and senior management continues to party like its 2006, YOUR COMPANY IS DYING.

Lesson #6:  If your company is dying and you don't have the cure, LET IT DIE WITH DIGNITY AND START OVER.

I'm afraid we're at Lesson #6


kevin_rose_digg_businessweek.jpgIf only the Business Week cover from 2006 were true.

While many of the employees of Digg will find it difficult to start over, the founders and senior management team probably will not.  Especially Kevin Rose, who is an early investor in Twitter and Zynga.  So don't cry for dude.  Dude is fine.

Now I've Dugg many stories over the years - mostly an endless link-fest of Slide Shows and Superhero complaints - but it's time to move on. 

I suppose I'll just have to "Like" instead of "Digg" (until Facebook becomes worthless - and they are on that path!).  After that, I'll probably have to "Shout Out" or "Yeah, Baby" or whatever other little button some company wants me to click whenever I like the new taste of Coke Zero.

"Digg" was cool and nobody can take 2006-2008 away from you guys.  That was your time!

So long Kevin, Matt and Jay - who cares if you're not Billionaires?  Remember, Millionaires can still get chicks and buy drinks at any bar in the world.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea
playhouse_disney_becomes_disney_junior.jpgSo, it was announced today that Playhouse Disney will become Disney Junior.  The folks at Disney Corporate must have put in quite a bit of overtime on that one. 

It's a stroke of brilliance really -  just as I thought it was brilliant when Viacom changed Noggin to Nick Jr. last year!

Bravo to Disney's Brand Consultants who, most likely, put in extremely long hours and probably weren't cheap.  

noggin_becomes_nick_junior.jpgI can imagine conference calls, late night food deliveries and logo designs on several other names like Disney Tots, Disney Ragamuffins, ToddlerDisney, Disney 2-7 (or 'The D27!')... before finally reaching the stroke of genius that is Disney Junior

And I'm sure it was a tense few days before Bob Iger finally signed off on it.  During the presentation, he probably said things like "Disney Junior?  Really?  Isn't Junior a term for boys?  Nickelodeon did it?  OK, go ahead."  And that was that.  Disney Junior will launch in 2012!

Being a parent of a five year old, I am not cynical about children's programming and appreciate the big media companies producing so much content that distracts my child long enough so I can take a five minute break to go to the bathroom (including my own parent company Manka Bros. and our Manka Kids brand - Manka Junior anyone?).

I just think with all the millions of dollars being thrown around at media companies on Brand Management, it's nice to know that all anyone needs to do to brand something for toddlers it to put the word "Junior" behind it.   Clorox Junior, Coke Junior (with 40% less sugar), 1976 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Junior (for French children)...

Maybe I'll launch OnMedea Junior for toddlers who want to read scandalous corporate media stories about "Dora the Explorer".

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea
ben_silverman_sunglasses.jpgSeriously?  Is this the guy you want to work for?  Ugh.  

Oh, well... It's just a shame. 

Tony, you have a reputation for being one of the good guys in Hollywood and you're going to work for Ben Silverman

Come on, man! 

I'm on-board with you wanting to leave MTV and get back to your real passion - being a content producer. 

I'm on-board with the company name - DiGaDi (Santo) and Ga (for partner Liz Gately).  DiGa.  I'm sure there is also some foreign word that it translates to that gives it another dimension.

What I'm not on-board with is you partnering with Electus

Every studio in town would most likely want to make a deal with you guys and now you're stuck going to Holiday parties with Ben Silverman and Ricky Van Veen

You're better than that, Tony!

Now, most people who read this blog regularly know that I haven't been too kind to Mr. Silverman over the past year or so (several examples are listed below)...

Example A; Example B; Example C; Example D; Example E; Example F; Example G; Example H; Example I; Example J; Example K; Example L; Example M; Example N

tony_disanto.jpg... but, Tony, you're being way too nice here.  You're actually giving Ben a hint of credibility.  Credibility that he doesn't deserve. 

However, maybe it's not over. 

Perhaps something can be done to stop it... something like Howard Beale in "Network" screaming to "Stop the CCA Deal now!" (fyi, the fictional Saudi Arabian deal with CCA - the parent company of fictional TV network UBS).

If enough people actually care, we could mobilize and march on Electus Headquarters (which I believe is the Wynn Resort Las Vegas) screaming over and over:  STOP THE DIGA / ELECTUS DEAL NOW!  STOP THE DIGA / ELECTUS DEAL NOW! 

Ah, nevermind.  Good luck, Tony

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

About Jill Kennedy

Jill Kennedy - Blogger - OnMedea Jill Kennedy is an Ivy League MBA / refugee from Lehman Brothers.

Manka Bros. (and the Manka Business Channel) hired her (for a very low sum) to cover the world of media (not the world of Medea) in her own words without corporate interference.

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She was a sorceress and wife of Jason, whom she assisted in obtaining the Golden Fleece. When Jason deserted her, she chopped up their children. One could say, Medea acted as rationally as a major media company.


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