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Advertise On Facebook - Reach More People Than 10 Super Bowls! - OnMedea

Advertise On Facebook - Reach More People Than 10 Super Bowls!

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Does this mean an ad will cost $40 million dollars per spot? 

facebook_advertising_spot.jpgSo, I was just on Facebook - along with 500+ million of my friends (soon to be be 7.3 billion) - and couldn't help notice the sidebar banner ad pitch to "Advertise On Facebook" (see left). 

Now, I've never noticed an ad on Facebook.  Not one.  And I don't think I'm alone.

So why would I pay anything to advertise on Facebook?  Because you can't afford NOT to have your product or brand in front of 500 MILLION POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.  Right? 

Because fear works when you're pitching your platform to advertising agencies - "You need us more than we need you."  So it's better to make an expensive ad buy on Facebook, even though no one will see your ad, than to be left behind. 

Do they think we're idiots?  At least on television, even if the ad is being skipped in fast motion, you see the product.  On Facebook, you don't even notice the ad and, if you did, you wouldn't care because you don't want to see advertising when you're on Facebook.

The only ad tactic that seems to work on Facebook is the one where hot young girls (old dudes pretending to be hot young girls) to "Friend" guys and then post non-stop about how they "LOVE THEIR NEW NISSAN SENTRA" and how much "The New Coke Zero ROX!"

Let I said before, Facebook, unless they start to charge user fees or do those horribly annoying ads that pop right in your face when you log in, is on the road to becoming worthless.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Fred said:

I logged on to see if I could find an ad and there was one for Due Date. It has over 100,000 Likes. I don't think they've seen the movie yet.

Joe said:

Fred, that's like 100 clicks per employee. That takes about 15 minutes before heading out to lunch. You can't beat that kinda ROI!

Jammin Good said:

The worse, exactly, are the ads from faux friends who claim to love something so much they just had to pass it along. 'OMG, I'm having an Oreo right now - SO AWESOME!'

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