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"High Falutin'" (1937) - Hilarious Comedy With Really Bad Timing

The troubled history of "High Falutin'" has been well-documented over the years in publications such as Film Comment and Time.

Produced as an attempt to capitalize on the national hysteria surrounding the Hindenburg disaster (May 7, 1937), this comedy was written in six hours and used actual film footage from the Hindenberg explosion.

America didn't get the joke.

Days after its release (May 28, 1937), the film prints were burned by theater managers and moviegoers.

Film historian Abe Morris has worked tirelessly for three decades in an attempt to piece together charred bits of the remaining film to create a coherent version.

Deflatable Burnable Hindenburg
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I suppose if I had to pick one movie from the Manka Bros. library I would choose "The Gastronaut" (1981) starring Joey Levitch. I wasn't even close to being born when it came out but my mom used to watch it on cable. It's not really very funny. In fact, it's pretty pathetic. But the story is a universal tale of one man's ability to overcome obstacles. He's an astronaut that has a really bad farting problem but he still manages to go into space (for whatever reason). Because of his gas, he actually ends up helping save the mission (though I'm not sure how).
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