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Sophocles And The Fall Of Rhode Island
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Adrienne Groves from MBS' Forensics
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Frankula vs. Drakenstein (1947)
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Escape From Jail (1962)
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Special Guest Archivist Adrienne Groves From MBS' Thursday Night Hit Forensics Picks One Of Her Favorite Films From The Manka Bros. Library.
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Watch The Gastronaut All This Month On MCM!
Sophocles and the Fall of Rhode Island Drinking Game Cocktail Glasses (2)
The Gastronaut starring Joey Levitch
I suppose if I had to pick one movie from the Manka Bros. library I would choose "The Gastronaut" (1981) starring Joey Levitch. I wasn't born when it came out but my mom used to watch it on cable. It's not really very funny (I was told it was his comeback movie). In fact, it's pretty pathetic. But the story is a universal tale of one man's ability to overcome obstacles. He's an astronaut that has a really bad farting problem but he still manages to go into space (for whatever reason). Because of his gas, he actually ends up helping save the mission (though I'm not sure how).
Sophocles and the Fall of Rhode Island cocktail glasses
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Michel Allant - author of Sophocles and the Fall of Rhode IslandWritten by cutting-edge French playwright Michel Allant, "Sophocles..." dared to show a real marriage - warts, language, sex, rape, murder and all - to a very prudish America. Prudish America rejected it violently. Manka Bros. studio chief Harry Manka received death threats on the night of its premiere and he abruptly cancelled the screening. This so incensed Michel Allant that he lit himself on fire with his cigarette - burning a very high percentage of his body. The death threats turned out to be a misunderstanding and the premiere happened without a hitch the following night.
From 1962, Manka Classic Movies is proud to present all this month - completely unedited - Sophocles and the Fall of Rhode Island.
Known mainly for being the first studio film to say the words "fucktard" and "cock gobbler", the tragic behind-the-scenes drama of Sophocles and the Fall of Rhode Island by far exceeded the controversial drama onscreen.
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