Manka Kids

Ollie Ostrich Orange Ostrich

Ollie Ostrich (Created 1924) - Orange Ostrich (Created 1927)

Originated as Ollie Ostrich in 1924 and starred in several popular shorts. Ollie had the popular catchphrase: 'Who Stole My Baby?' 

He became Orange Ostrich after the revolutionary TriMankaTate film coloring process was applied. 

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Bill Frog - Created 1927

Bill Frog caused a panic (and two murders!) at the Manka Palace Theater in New York after he became the first cartoon animal to talk!

He was a popular character during the 1920s and 1930s (featured mostly with Orange Ostrich). He was always so proud that he was 25% smarter than a normal amphibian.

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Cryin' Wolf - Created 1927

Cryin' Wolf was created in 1927 but didn't become popular until the 1940s and 1950s. His catchphrase 'There is no God!' rubbed many people the wrong way.

In the 1990s, Manka Bros. received so muich hate mail and pressure from parents and religious groups that they changed the catchphrase to 'God is awesome!'

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Pelican't - Created 1931

This pelican with low self-esteem ("I can do it! No... I can't.") was created and incorporated into the Manka Toons stable of characters.

Pelican't starred in a series of shorts in the 1930s and 1940s and was a 'spokesbird' for war veterans' rights after World War II.

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Yakkety Yak - Created 1935  

This Yak (that would not SHUT UP!) starred in a series of shorts during the 1930s and had a brief revival in the 1970s as Yak-robat - a yak who becomes a famous circus performer.

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Hole Hog - Created 1942

Hole Hog starred in a series of shorts in the 1940s and 1950s. Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.

Hole Hog had a slight resurgence as a plush toy in the 1970s after the Manka Bros. Films theatrical release of the post-apocalyptic movie 'Swine.'

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Scaredy Cat - Created 1942

Scaredy Cat starred in a series of shorts during the 1940s but proved too disturbing and shakey for most kids.

His bleak view of the future after World War II did not agree with the post-war optimism at the time. Part of the Manka Toons stable of characters.

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Crow Magnon - Created 1952

100,000-year-old unfrozen crow was very wise... and very mean. She was always confused by modern society.

Whenever she was flustered by a new invention or contraption she would say: 'You realize you're all going to die one day, right?'

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Sabaturtle - Created 1963

Villainous turtle that is who is always caught because he escapes VERY slowly.

Sabaturtle played the villain in several Manka Toons shorts throughout the 1930s and 1940s as well as a pathetic, out-of-place appearance with the Animaltered gang in 1999. 

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Shrieking Potato - Created 1969

Acquired from Idaho Public Television in 1969 for $3 million. The Shrieking Potato hosted a Saturday morning variety hour on MBS for ten years from 1970-1980.

After giving a controversial interview with The New Yorker in 1980 in which it came out as Pro Choice, it was eaten ceremoniously by a church group and never was revived.

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Super Draculas - Created 1972

These animated teenage, rock music playing Super Draculas that take on evil in their neighborhood were wildly popular in the 1970s and spawned the spin-off 'Super Draculas Meet The All-New Invisible Super Frankensteins.'

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Serpikid - Created 1982

Based on the movie of the same name starring Al Pacino, this animated series features the crime fighting kid with integrity.

He's still featured in PSAs aimed at gangs and drug abuse.

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Torvath The Tricycle - Created 1990

That silly, irreverant tricycle from Finland who always loses a wheel in the most inappropriate places was already a hug star in Europe before Manka Bros. Animation bought the show for North American distribution.

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Chimpanzebra - Created 1992

If you're a kid and watch MBS Kids!, the Animaltered gang needs no introduction.

If you're not a kid... Chimpanzebra is the lead charactered in Animaltered, an exptremely popular animated series now in its 28th year on MBS Kids!

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Dolphinsect - Created 1992

One of the more popular of the Animaltered gang, Dolphinsect plays the wise-old karate sensei who is always coming to the rescue when one of the others gets in trouble. 

He was killed off briefly in 2012 after a voice-over contract dispute - but is now alive again. 

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Rhinoscerostrich - Created 1992

The romantic of the Animaltered gang, Rhinoscerostrich always has a rose in her claw and a song in her heart.

She pines for Buffalobster - who doesn't even know she's alive. Everyone always says 'Poor Rhinoscerostrich!'

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Pocket Hercules - Created 1993

Modeled after the popular Russian weightlifter from the 1992 Olympics, this animated Pocket Hercules starred in The Crazy True-Life Adventures Of Pocket Hercules which aired on MBS Kids! until 1995.