Manka Bros. Studios

The World's Largest Media Company

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Making the world's best movies since 1911.

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No platitudes, just the world's best television.

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So good, you'd think we invented music.

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Books, Mankazines, Blogs and the World's Greatest Comic Book Imprint - MC Comics

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Anchored by podcast studio yxo (Bulgarian for ear), M.A.N. has everything for your "yxos."

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We take chances. Seriously, LOTS of chances. It's boring if every show's a hit!

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Kids are our future - but right now, they're our free cash flow.

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There's a LOT of money in Jesus! A lot. (And the other religions, too!)

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Studio History

Founded by 3 Bulgarian brothers (Khan, Simeon and Harry) in 1911.

June 16, 1959: Manka Bros. ends the practice of using stunt children in movies. Studio chief Harry Manka said, 'Kids under the age of 10 should NOT be doing deadly stunts.' After this, he nominated himself for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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