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1990 - 1999

Go Fuck Yourself (1999) - Festival favorite about a disaffected youth who finds that being alone... has its benefits. One of the best films about teen masturbation ever made.

Right! (pronounced "Royt") (1998) - Australian football hooligans drink beer and punch people.

Cowards (1997) - Film from the UK about a group of older men who have been and always will be... cowards. So they form a club.

Henry's Embalmed Heart (1996) - A group of friends living in the market area of Seattle, try to find themselves.

Love At 25,000 Feet (1996) - Romantic comedy set during the five week lung adjustment phase while waiting to scale the Mount Everest summit.

Poet Without A Hero (1995) - Big name sitcom actors slashed their normal fees to star in this very important film based on the devastating poem by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova.

Piss Christ: The Movie (1995) - Controversial film about the controversial events leading up to the exhibition of the controversial art pieces. [To date, the Manka Bros. Board of Directors has not allowed the release of this film.]

Potatoe (1995) - Story of the kid who was told by Vice President Dan Quayle that he spelled "potato" wrong. After he forced to put an "e" onto the word, this once confident and smart kid quit school - eventually losing his grasp of reality. It's also the story of the doctor who attempted to help him but committed suicide because of his failure. [Based on the Manka Books biography "I Am Potatoe."]

Ho Chih, Minnesota (1995) - Story of the Americans who fought on the North Vietnamese side of the war and their struggle for acceptance at home.

The Freak And The Showgirl (1994) - Cross-country trip of a wannabe baseball mascot and a wannabe showgirl.

Four Fathers (1994) - Set around the birth of the United States, a black woman refuses to reveal the identity of her daughter's father - either George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or James Madison.

Dancin' For My Life (La Vita da Dancin') (1994) - During World War II, two Italian hoofers were at Mussolini's beck and call in case he wanted to see some dancing.

Daylight Come And Iguana Go Home (1993) - When a pizza boy places a curse on recluse M. Emmet Walsh, the old codger switches brains for a day with his beloved bug-eyed pet. [Runner-up of the Audience Award at Slamdance.]

If Moses Can Do It (1993) - A middle-age man inherits a dirt farm in the desert and decides to make a go of it.

Morons (1992) - Stupid idiots try to find their place in modern day Memphis.

Watermelon In Easter Hay (1992) - Brilliant film based on the Frank Zappa instrumental song.

Fishnet (1991) - French-Canadian crime thriller set in and around a Montreal drag bar in the heart of the red light district.

Wine Chicken (1991) - Adapted from the Manka Books novel "Coq A Vin." A cynical female corporate attorney from New York learns the true meaning of life during a summer in Provence.

Haunted Shadows: The Loves Of Pythagoras (1990) - The brilliant mathematician was not brilliant in the ways of love.

Two In The Bush (1990) - A love triangle set in the Australian outback.

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