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2000 - 2009

Garland Of Shame (2009) - The Coddington family spends a tense, chilly Christmas holiday together at their home in the Hamptons, silently awaiting daddy's indictment on insider trading.

The Opal Tide (2009) - A journalist in Baghdad struggles with ethics inside the Green Zone; a stripper contemplates joining a convent in the mountains; and a Sudanese flower salesman experiences fatherhood for the first time. All three stories come together in a surprising way.

Handcuffed In Lace (2009) - A stoic businessman gets in touch with his emotions during a forced two hour blowjob.

In The Soil Of Our Sadness (2008) - During the Irish potato famine, the village of Ballyconnell is astonished when the tears of wee Colleen cause crops to grow. When her tears run dry, villagers are forced to find new ways to make her weep.

Glass Hand Cuts Through Water (2008) - Based on the unbelievably true story of Katherine Morland, a billionaire vacationing in war-torn Darfur, who relentlessly scours the blood-soaked streets for her lost English bulldog, only to discover she left it back at the hotel.

The Dancing Flesh (2008) - An Iraq war multiple amputee who is blind is forced to care for his dementia-riddled grandfather in economically depressed Flint, Michigan. After they both contract the deadly superbug, they vow to live their last days embracing life and thrusting their fists into the air.

West Of Love (2007) - The teenagers from "North Of Normal" (2005) are now in their early 20s and all move to an apartment west of Love, New Mexico to try to find their way in life.

Basra At Dawn (2007) - British TV funnyman Cedric Fortisbrow makes his much-anticipated American movie debut as a sad-faced mime entertaining the troops in Iraq. After his heart is broken by a lesbian G.I., he removes his make-up and makes a real emotional connection with the troops.

Feeling Danke (2007) - German refugees try to find their way in Cincinnati, Ohio after fleeing the German reconciliation in 1989.

I'm Right Here (2007) - A deeply tortured Harper Lee conceals her love and lust for Truman Capote as he struggles to complete the novel "In Cold Blood."

Allegory (2007) - Bijou Phillips stars in this gritty drama chronicling the downward spiral of Chelsea Becker, granddaughter of Motel 6 founder William Becker, who leads a life of excess and debauchery, finally grappling with her sanity in a Dallas jail cell.

Construction Crane, Tall Hackberry (2006) - Acclaimed Chinese director Chang Hu weaves this glorious tale of forbidden love in ancient China. After a spectacular flying sword fight, two ill-fated lovers find themselves alone in a remote forest stuck high in two separate hackberry trees, unable to touch. Can they descend before the cranes attack?

Mr. Lovely's House Of Lovenians (2005) - Based on the classic Manka Books novel, Mr. Lovely's gentle world is shattered with the news that war has broken out in Europe.

A Life Unlived (2004) - The story of a woman never born and the men that never loved her.

North Of Normal (2003) - Teenagers trying to find themselves a few miles north of Normal, North Dakota.

Desert Scrub (2002) - Dead-end kids from dead-end families look for the answers of life's most difficult questions in Death Valley.

Fryer's Club (2001) - Festival favorite about a group of teenagers who worked at a McDonald's in Des Moines during the hot summer of '78.

Hot Dogs & Gremlins (2000) - A group of guys remember everything from the early 80s as being great... EVERYTHING.

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