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Marginal Eyes (2017) - A black Muslim transgender woman and her non-binary mermaid otherkin Hispanic handicapped life partner decide to fulfill their lifelong dream of competing in the Oppression Olympics.

The Have Knots (2017) - Four frustrated longtime Brinks truck employees form a plot to rob a Chic-Fil-A.

Divisive (2017) - Terrifying tale of teenagers who surround a single camera mounted on the outside wall of a museum, chanting "He won't come between us," who one-by-one get decapitated by a shadowy figure dressed all in black.

Attack Of The Headless Freak With Two Heads (2017) - Surprisingly profound film about a headless freak with two heads and his search for meaning in modern day Winnipeg.

Unkind (2016) - Everyone is unkind to Reina but she still sings happy songs and plays that goddamned plastic recorder all day. One day, someone will see the sweetness inside her but it won't be her mom, dad or any of her "friends."

Gay d'Alene (2016) - Two married black gay men are secretly offered $1 million to move to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. If they can survive for one year as an openly married gay black couple in the most racist town in America, they get the money.

7 Out! (2016) - Inspirational story of a high-flying newly-minted Silicon Valley billionaire who comes to Vegas with $1 billion in cash - ready to double it. He learns it's harder to make money in Vegas than the Silicon Valley. Soon, he's a broke Molly addict who tries to sell his Patents or a blowjog or anything on the streets for a fix. Eventually, one of his billionaire partners rescues him, their stock goes public and he is a billionaire again.

Snuffing Out The Magic Fury (2016) - A feverish rumination on the chaotic life and tragic downfall of avant-garde alt-rocker Shiv Treacle of the all-girl band Vulva.

Randy Works At Best Buy (2016) - Normal people can be heroes. And, also, normal people can work at Best Buy. Randy is not a hero - not even close - but he does work at Best Buy.

Attack Of The Headless Freak With Two Heads (2016) - Surprisingly profound film about a headless freak with two heads and his search for meaning in modern day Winnipeg.

Banquo's Ghost In Manhattan (2015) - Ghost from Macbeth tries to find love in modern day New York.

The Pedophile's Son's Graduation Party (2015) - Who will show up and what will they say?

Uncombed Hair (2015) - Siblings wearing winter coats with uncombed hair attempt to place their curmudgeon grandpa in a retirement home.

The End Of Incense (2015) - Even the Woodstock burnouts are getting sick of the incense burning in Mama Groovy's house. Everyone decides it's time to get a fucking life.

Taiwan On (2015) - Four college buddies from Harvard Business School decide to go to Taiwan and drink and whore for three months before taking high paying jobs with Morgan Stanley.

Dance Gary! (2014) - Gary Tucker must learn the entire male lead of "Swan Lake" and dance it just like Baryshnikov in 48 hours or his family will be killed by the Turkish government. The catch, Gary has never taken a dance lesson in his life.

Der Ring des Nibelungen (2014) - The complete cycle of Wagner's four epic operas (Das Reingold, Die Walkure, Siegfried and Gotterdammerung) shot on a mini-dv camera in a backyard in Burbank.

Telescape (2014) - A lonely New Yorker escapes into the lives of his neighbors via the help of a magic telescope.

Carpathos (2014) - This psychological drama chronicles the life of the Carpathia wireless operator who fell asleep and failed to hear the distress signals from the Titanic, his public vilification, subsequent mission to visit and apologize to each victim's family, and mysterious disappearance after the first visit.

The Tower Of Abel (2014) - Abel Lucavich, a depressed auto mechanic, decides to build a tower to Heaven. It takes a lot of hard work and there are a lot of obstacles along the way (like the upper atmosphere and weightlessness) but he finally makes it. Then he sits in Heaven still depressed, so he starts to build another tower to see what is above Heaven. Based on a true story.

The Wolf At The Door (2013) - Live-action version of "The Three Little Pigs" set in the Soviet Gulag.

Maggots For Tommy (2013) - Heart-warming Christmas story of a boy who didn't want anything for Christmas except a stocking full of maggots. His parents kept trying to give him a bike, a dog, a video game... but he only wants maggots. In the end, it's Santa who must intervene to bring Tommy what he wants.

Johnny Hummingbird (2013) - The hummingbird beats his wings a million times an hour. Chicago suburban kid Johnny Hummingbird is going to attempt to beat off a million times in his life. [Accepted in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.]

Children In Peril (2013) - The kids in Peril, Indiana, live a dreary existence until they encounter a zombie in the forest and taunt him relentlessly.

Nagila (2013) - Loosely based on the words to "Hava Nagila," Josh is a lonely orthodox Jewish baker living in Baltimore. He falls in love with an Amish basket maker. Because of their strict cultures they are unable to love each other in America - so they move to China and start a new life.

Jean-Paul Satre's 'Being And Nothingness' Part 1: Being (2012) - Contemporary take on the classic philosophical essay.

God (The Authorized Biography) (2012) - After shooting for nearly two months in and around Austin, Texas, 18-year-old filmmaker Eli Edwards has completed his masterwork and definitively answered all possible questions about the life and existence of God.

The Incarceration Of Thomas Freeman (2012) - After failing to get his first film into the Sundance Film Festival, director Thomas Freeman threatens to blow up Park City, Utah. His arrest and incarceration made media headlines around the world. (This film based on the incident - without the participation of Thomas Freeman - has been accepted into next year's Sundance Film Festival.)

Hotspurs (2012) - Western retelling of Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1.

The Chill Of The Season (2011) - Every February as the temperatures drop into the 60s on a north shore beach in Maui, a group of surf punks put on their shirts and convene at Poi's Village Joe to write poetry about life, love and surfing.

A Bright Hue (2011) - After studying painting for a year in Paris, aspiring artist Amy Upton comes home for Christmas to her shit kicking family and friends in Salt Lick, Texas.

Tangible Madness (2011) - A dysfunctional family of crazy people are held together by Jenny (the craziest of them all) as she attempts to get them through one final family vacation.

Within The Stillness (2011) - A young couple attempts to work out their marital problems while waiting for help to arrive after their car gets washed away in a flash flood.

He Knew She Was Coming (2011) - A lonely, hot, young, clairvoyant Iowa farmer named Kallem prays every night for some hot city chick to come to his isolate farmhouse to jack him off. His prayers are answered - over and over again.

Narcolepsy (2011) - Joey and Missy, two narcoleptic dead end kids from Detroit take a road trip to Oregon to escape their abusive families. Unfortunately, they keep falling asleep at the absolute worst times.

Bridge Dance (2010) - True story. After the only bridge and access road to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Wales collapses, the town decides to dance until the bridge is repaired. They all died... dancing...

Calico Inversion (2010) - Darren Goldblum's acclaimed film about a young New Jersey man's taxidermy business he runs out of his mom's basement, and his latest controversial experiment.

Acquiescence (2010) - Victor Barnet's astounding first film is a powerful story of a wily kid who incessantly tortures his tubby cousin in front of the neighborhood and goes on to fame and fortune in the movie business, while the tubby kid becomes a part-time custodian at a skid row motel.

Last Bus To Redemption (2010) - Tessie is the last remaining citizen in Redemption, Georgia, after the town was wiped away by tornadoes and floods. She takes the last bus to Redemption to get her stuff before moving to New York City to try her hand as a spokes model for TV.

Inside Eric Roberts' Prostate (2010) - Innovative story of three medical school dropouts obsessed with locating actor Eric Roberts to find out just what the hell's going on down there.

Drawn To The Yellow Light (2010) - A lonely, socially dysfunctional travel insurance underwriter from Las Vegas tries to find new love on a dairy farm in northern Denmark. [Based on the Manka Books novel 'The Light Of Skagen.']

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