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Xfinity - R.I.P. - OnMedea

Xfinity - R.I.P.

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xfinity_rip.jpgYesterday, I told Comcast to dump Fancast and embrace Hulu

Today, we learn that Comcast has decided to change the name of Fancast to FancastXfinity or just Xfinity.

Horrible name.

No one will use it.

Xfinity is dead.

As I said yesterday to Comcast (and say again today), dump Fancast (Xfinity) and embrace Hulu.  You might as well get some benefit from this disastrous acquisition of NBC Universal.

All other confusing video watching sites owned by Comcast (currently running or in development) must be destroyed.

While on the subject of Comcast NBC Universal, my boss, Khan Manka, Jr., had a truly bizarre conversation with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts last night.  I'm still trying to make sense of it.  Check it out here.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

Xfinity is a joke name, right? That's really horrible.

Hollywood Producer said:

Xfinity, I really never knew ye. Or ever heard of ye.

Still Alive said:

Au contrair, my freaky friends at Manka Brothers. Xfinity is here to stay. You may want to change that tombstone and put 2009 - Infinity!

Former ComcastCustomer said:

Let's hope Comcast doesn't destroy a television network like they have the very idea of customer service. Ooops, too late already.

Chris said:

You're kidding right? Comcast has leverage in getting content that Hulu does not have. I love how all of you bloggers act like you are telling "big media" something when you have no idea how the industry, rights or politics work.

Here is some advice: stick to topics you actually understand.

Jill Kennedy said:


What leverage does Comcast have that Hulu doesn't? Hulu is backed by 3 major studios (yes, they don't quite want to give it all up for ad-based business model - but still 3 major studios).

Just face it, Xfinity is a terrible name and you're stuck defending for whatever reason. Perhaps you're real email is

Either way, you're incorrect in stating that I have no idea how the industry works. In six months I'll still be here. Xfinity will not (unless you count the pieces that remain after it either merges with Hulu or folds into Hulu).

Ed said:

I'm not sure I understand why it's going to die. I'm a Comcast customer, six months from now I'll still be a Comcast customer. I'm in a major US city and I can get by broadband from Comcast or AT&T, and Comcast is much, much faster. Make no mistake, I'm not a fan of Comcast, but when is anyone ever happy with their utility providers?

Jill Kennedy said:

Ed, it's not going to die as an idea - it's going to die as a horrible marketing attempt to get you to sign up to just another service. Of course we'll be consuming media online in a form similar to Xfinity.

My complaint and why I killed it is because of all the consumer confusion created by launching crazy new services that really have no chance of taking hold. I say incorporate the content offerings of Xfinity into an already proven and easy to use service like Hulu. You can still have premium content available to subscribes only - just build it into a service that already works.

josh said:

fancast has been around for 5 years just as long as hulu! They just want to retain thier video subs

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