Has Pope Francis Jumped The Shark?

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UPDATE: Now Pope Francis is on the cover of Rolling Stone (he’s jumping a freakin’ whale now!)

PREVIOUS POST: With the announcement that Pope Francis is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, I think it’s time to ask the question – has Pope Francis jumped the shark?

In the past week, revelations have come that he used to be a bouncer, at night he goes out in disguise and gives blessings to the poor on the streets of Rome, he formed a task force on the Child Abuse Scandal – and now, he’s Person of the Year!

And he’s on Twitter! And he lives in common quarters. And he takes the bus.

It’s too much – too soon.

We’re Poped Out!

We like our Popes to be mysterious, even a bit creepy – like Ratzinger (Benedict XVI).

Pope Francis is someone you can watch a football match with while doing jello shots and eating sausage.

That’s what I do with my asshole friends (especially Lance) – not the leader of the Catholic church.

This guy had better pull back into the shadows or all will be lost.

More draconian, less peace-and-love-ian.

Religion is not a happy business. It is deadly serious.

I think it’s time to move back to Dark Ages before people actually like going to Church again.

Remember, the Church is supposed to put the Fear of God in people. Not gelato.

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  1. Edward Snoden · December 11, 2013

    I was SO CLOSE!

  2. Guitarlax · December 11, 2013

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a single person who agrees with anything in this article. So I’m going to go with “No.”

    • A Millennial Catholic · December 11, 2013

      As a Millennial, I completely agree with what’s been written in the article.

      The Church clearly and explicitly condemns homosexuality, and clearly and explicitly urges prayer for all those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.

  3. Raven · December 11, 2013

    I love Pope Francis. He will never jump the shark!

    • Edgar Pearlstein · December 11, 2013

      This Pope is like a breath of fresh air in the Vatican. So far, though, it’s mostly air. Maybe he will find a face-saving way to reduce the misery in so many of his obedient followers caused by some of the “teachings” of the Church:
      Opposition to contraception
      Opposition to divorce
      Opposition to same-sex marriage
      Opposition to stem-cell research
      Opposition to in-vitro fertilization
      Change is possible; I remind readers that the Church no longer forbids eating meat on Fridays, cremation of the dead, and joining the YMCA.

  4. JamieMarieLynaugh · December 11, 2013

    Hilarious and spot-on!

  5. John Whitemore · December 11, 2013


  6. Popenado · December 11, 2013

    I thought pope’s are the shark?

  7. JohnD · December 11, 2013

    Sounds like someone trying really hard to troll for posts. So much that he’s linking this to other comment sections. Do your thing. Everyone needs to eat.

  8. kat olson · December 11, 2013

    If you think church is something negative you need to look for another place. Jesus came to comfort you, not to make you afraid. Just remember why he came to earth. If only the perfect people went to heaven no one would get there. Be comforted.

  9. Bill · December 11, 2013

    The pope IS a shark, along with his Mafioso drug peddling cronies.

  10. VivaLaMigra · December 11, 2013

    Did Pope Frankie buy five copies for his mother?

  11. Files Villa · December 11

    thank you so much