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1920 - 1929

Glitter And Gams '24 (1924 - silent) - Starring the beautiful Gam Gals. Broadway comes to YOUR town!

Glitter And Gams '25 (1925 - silent) - Starring the gorgeous Gam Gals. Broadway comes to YOUR town... AGAIN!

Glitter And Gams '26 (1926 - silent) - Starring the stunning Gam Gals - but now featuring Margie Louise. The girls sing and dance to save an orphanage!

Out In Left Field (1926 - silent) - Before the Code drama about a homosexual ballplayer who wants to tell the world.

Gam Gals And Sailor Boys '27 - Beautiful Gals and heroic Boys dance and fight for freedom.

Gam Gals Melodies (1927 - silent) - The best moments from 'Glitter and Gams '24,' 'Glitter and Gams '25,' 'Glitter and Gams '26,' and 'Gam Gals and Sailor Boys '27.'

I Want My Quarterback (1927 - silent) - Rubber-faced funnyman Chester Billington reached the pinnacle of his popularity with this farce about a backwoods misfit mistaken for the star college quarterback.

Bubble, Bubble Toilet Trouble (1927 - silent) - Beloved bottle-spinning vaudevillian Chester Billington makes his screen debut as a plumber who wreaks havoc in the bathroom of a wealthy, volatile executive. (A 26-year-old Alfred Hitchcock was fired from the film by studio head Khan Manka (Sr.) for his ‘complete lack of talent.’)

Phil E. Buster - State Senator (1927 - silent) - Early Frank Capra film (though he didn't take a name credit) that inspired 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.'

Moby Dick (1928 - silent but with actual whale SOUNDS!) - Jolly Chester stars as Ismael in this failed attempt at a four-hour high drama with an enormous amount of reading involved.

Clara Bow Fuck Fest (1928 - moments of sound) - Home movies of Clara Bow and several masked men having a 'cocktail party.' Feature a cameo by Margie Louise! [Produced before the Code and distributed without the approval of Ms. Bow.]

Mister Fixer-Upper (1928 - SOUND!) - Manka Bros. first talkie! Chester Billington's madcap carpenter send-up. Film includes his well-publicized 'comic' attempt to shove a pool cue up a horse's anus. [The trick failed and the horse back-kicked Mr. Billington in the shin - breaking his leg in five parts.]

Tears Of A Crown (1928 - sound) - Legendary screen beauty Anna Kullienscropa's first talky! A historical epic about a Swedish queen mourning the death of her beloved muskrat as war rages in her kingdom.

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