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Khan Manka, Jr. A Note From Khan Manka, Jr. - Chairman & CEO

Since 2001, Manka Bros. has enjoyed global success with our spectacular 'Magpies' franchise (based on the hugely popular young adult novels by British writer Martin Hagham) and the Newcastle United Football Club with supernatural powers. Unfortunately, Mr. Hagham died just after completing the fourth book, 'Magpies On Sadr Day,' which Manka Bros. is currently remaking for the third time and will be released 2023.

Recently, Mr. Hagham's son, Purdip Hagham, completed a fifth 'Magpies' novel - 'Magpies and The Pervasive Evil' (Manka Books) which Manka Bros. Films immediately snapped up and put into production (though at afar smaller budget than his father's books).

Many fans have sent us questions asking how the amazing special effects are put together for the 'Magpies' movies. Here's a BEHIND-THE-SCENES look at how the magic happens. Enjoy!

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