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2000 - 2009

Mac McCord (1990s-Present) - Grand Ol' Opry nominee Mac McCord exploded onto the country music scene in the early 1990s and he hasn't stopped since. Classic albums include 'Go In There And Get You Some,' 'Pourisdise,' and 'Drunken Prison Rain.'

Seamus (1990s - Present) - Irish sensation that exploded onto the world stage in the 1990s. Really, really, really heart-wrenching Irish songs of death, sex and loneliness.

Alice Cooper's Songs Of The Sea (2008) - New recordings of sea shanties gathered and recorded by Alice Cooper.

UNoU12 (2000s)- Manka Music Group's insanely hot boy band from the early 2000s. (Where are they now? Not getting royalties.)

2Gud2BTru (2000s) - Manka Music Group's classic hot boy band broke up in 2003 [but we're told JX and MT have recently met for coffee (and neither could afford the bill) - so a reunion could be close?]

1990 - 1999

1980 - 1989

1970 - 1979

Pinto: Your Songs (1991) - Love songs and standards played by Pinto - The Flute Playing Chicken.

Rolling Pile Of Humanity (1990s) - Alternative rock band.

Augustus Gloop (Early 1990s) - Alternative group.

Tone Def (1992)- Short-lived rap group.

Anus - The Broadway Album (1993) - Underground shock rockers Anus tackle and destroy Broaday standards.

Floating Mound Of Fire Ants (1990s) - Garage band given a big-time platform (featuring a killer version of Neil Young's 'Ohio.')

In My Own Words (1990s) - Neil Berskowitz's best guesses as to the origin and meaning of the songs of the Beatles. (Features several clips of actual Beatles music!)

Jackson Pollock (1990s) - Popular bar band with an appeal to college students in the Ohio State area.

Tammy Brice (1990s) - Country music star (also host of Manka Bros.' cooking show 'Brice Pilaf').

Rabbid (early 1990s) - Ground-breaking Jewish metal band.

G's Us (1994) - Horrible Christian rap group. Some people like that shit - but this group was awful.

A Manka Music Thanksgiving (1995) - Top Manka Music Group recording artists (Tammy Brice, G's Us) sing traditional (but mostly new) Thanksgiving songs.

Karaoke Party '97 (1997) - Features 'Wind Beneath My Wings,' 'Strawberry Wine,' 'My Heart Will Go On' and many more!

Karaoke Party '98 (1998) - Features 'Wind Beneath My Wings,' 'Strawberry Wine,' 'My Heart Will Go On' and many more!

Candles In The Wind (1999) - Compilation album - 15 favorite Manka Music artists covers of Elton John's 'Candle In The Wind.'


Sniff - Lock Up The Children (early-1980s) - Groundbreaking New Wave band.

V.L.G. (Very Large Genitals (mid-1980s) - Semi-popular hair band with better hair than songs.

Basket Of Hands (mid-1980s) - Garage band (killer version of 'Sweet Home Alabama').

The White Cliffs Of Dover (1980s)- English do-wap band.

ibrau (1980s) - Unremarkable German techno-rock band.

Lick Stamps (1983) - Band put together by their manager, Satan. Their first album 'Singing Pentagrams' hit the charts in Scandanavia. There was no second album.

Deviated Septum (1984-1986) - Anti-hair metal band (in fact, they were bald) with several Top 100 hits on the Billboard Metal charts.

Rocking Chairs (1985-1986) - Formed in an old folks home with its youngest member 73-years-old, this Top 40 band scored with its 'Live At Wonderland' concert. [Because the temperature was so cold in the concert venue, most of the band caught pneumonia and died weeks later.]

Grateful Dead Concert (1986) - Live recording at Red Rocks, Colorado, by a Manka Bros. Records employee.

Busboys At The Bluebird (1987) - Compilation country album performed by the actual Busboys and Dishwashers at the famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Pinto (1988) - Soundtrack from the Manka Highbrow film 'La Pollo Flautist' featuring Pinto, the ORIGINAL flute playing chicken.

More Pinto (1989) - Songs inspired by the Manka Highbrow motion picture 'Pinto: El Pollo Tocando Flauta.'

Pinto: Your Songs (1989) - Love songs and standards played by Pinto, the ORIGINAL flute playing chicken.


Space Men (early-1970s) - So-so Acid Rock band (who did more acid than rocking).

10,000 Lakes (1970s) - One of the great 'mullet' bands from the 1970s. Their 'Minnesota Sound' had a brief moment in 1974.

Bra Burners (1970s) - Female folk group.

The Eeekees (1970s)- Failed bubble gum pop group formed by the non-famous former members of 'Buffalo Springfield.'

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Youngman (1973) - Charity album made after a fucked up Graham Nash saw Henny Youngman on Johnny Carson. Features 'Suite Judy Blue Eyes' and some hilarious ad libs from Henny Youngman.

Ramsey McCak (mid-1970s) - Gentle folk singer from the Northwest Territories in Canada. His biggest hit was 'Eskimo Pie.'

Second Best (mid-1970s) - After feuding with Seals and Crofts, this band was formed by several studio musicians to compete directly with their old bosses. [It didn't work out.]

Jean Deaux: Blood In The Seine (1979) - French New Wave band's first album in English! [There wasn't a second album in English... or in French.]


The Cellist and Maggie (1960s) - Folk duo combining classical music and early hippie folk. [They broke up after The Cellist refused to play at Woodstock because of the smell.]

Le Grand Yodelisque (1960s) - Two yodelers, 45 albums, 45 gold records.

The Plagiarist (1960s) - Beatles-style band with surprisingly, some say identical, songs to the Beatles.

The Hummingbirds (1960s)- Pop band. (Performed the songs from the Manka Bros. movie 'Hula: The Movie.'

Staff Sergeant Daryl Bennett (1960s) - Performed military songs about the killing of the enemy. Also did a comeback album during the 1980s covering the songs of 'Duran Duran.'

Crawford, Raines, Peterson, Jones, Templeton, Turner and Co. (1960s) - One of the great folk supergroups of the late 1950s and early 1960s. [The members who are still alive are touring Southern California desert casinos under the name 'Raines.']


The 4 Sures (1950s) - One of the first star groups on Manka Bros. Records, this classic doo-wop quartet hit the scene with such songs as 'Doo You Wop?,' and 'Sir Billingsly's Car Goes Doo-Wop.'

Carl Henky - Please, Baby, Hold Me Tight (1955) - Blind rockabilly sensation Carl Henky. Music from the Manka Bros. movie 'Please, Baby, Hold Me Tight.' Features the hit title song as well as 'See Me, Touch Me,' 'Shake Me Loose,' and '(Come Be My) Hugabaloo.'

Jack Kerouac's Brother - There's More Than One Road (1959) - Jack Kerouac's Brother reads from his unpublished novel.



Van 'The Tap' Dubois (1920s) - Legendary blues singer / tap dancer. Several in-studio recordings were made during visits to KMBS (Manka Bros.' in-house radio station) to promote upcoming shows.

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