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My Ex-Asshole Boss Richard Fuld Plays Tennis With Khan Manka! - OnMedea

My Ex-Asshole Boss Richard Fuld Plays Tennis With Khan Manka!

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richard_fuld.jpgHoly shit!  I can't believe it.  It's like a dagger right into the breast!

My new employer (Khan Manka, Jr.) PLAYED TENNIS YESTERDAY with my old boss (the asshole Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers). 

I feel so dirty.  I feel so ashamed. 

What the fuck, Khan!  He's an old friend?!?!?! 

I may have to rethink my future here at Manka Bros.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Hollywood Producer said:

Don't you read each other's blogs? Khan's has been up for a while.

Jill Kennedy said:

I missed that one, Hollywood Producer. I should pay more attention.

Clint Boege said:

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New York Viking said:

Yes, the isolated King Richard "Fool" Fuld was a 44-1 debt schmuck that personally destroyed Screaming Brothers--after he had been warned for 3 years running of the Global Credit Asset Bubble.

To hell with the idiots. Fuld is a 20th century dinosaur that was destroyed by his own hubris, greed, theft, a-social isolation (autistic kids are more social), amoral stance against his "own people" as he referred to his former charges at a deaf, dumb & blind Congress hearing with the DICK front and center. Unlike the dinosaurs of 65 million years ago, who brain sizes were far larger than Fulds, they were destroyed by an asteroid. Fuld destroyed a 154+ year old firm by the steroids of debt.

Good riddance. Prison would smell so good for the Judas of Wall Street.

Odin: the One-Eye God sees death and life simultaneously. Fuld is now only looking into the Great Void of the abyss.

About Jill Kennedy

Jill Kennedy - Blogger - OnMedea Jill Kennedy is an Ivy League MBA / refugee from Lehman Brothers.

Manka Bros. (and the Manka Business Channel) hired her (for a very low sum) to cover the world of media (not the world of Medea) in her own words without corporate interference.

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Medea Medea was a real bitch from classical mythology - as most famously dramatized by Euripides.

She was a sorceress and wife of Jason, whom she assisted in obtaining the Golden Fleece. When Jason deserted her, she chopped up their children. One could say, Medea acted as rationally as a major media company.


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