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Electus - R.I.P. - OnMedea

Electus - R.I.P.

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electus_headstone.jpgI realize that Electus - the earth-shattering, ground-breaking, cutting-edge new business from Ben Silverman and Barry Diller's IAC/ InterActiveCorp hasn't launched, but I have recently climbed aboard Khan Manka, Jr.'s Time Machine and gone into the not-too-distant future to retrieve the press release announcing (sadly) the company's closure.  Sorry, Ben.

From the Associated Press (July 2011):

Electus, the $100 million start-up from media wunderkind Ben Silverman has decided to close its doors effective immediately after only 18 months in business.  875 staffers (mostly low-level hot chicks in their 20s who ran errands and stuff) were expected to lose their jobs.  The highly-touted venture only managed to produce one original internet series - a show about bed-hopping young flight attendants based at O'Hare International Airport called "The Hub".

Ben-Silverman_electus.jpgElectus, announced by Mr. Silverman with much fanfare in July 2009 (after a completely disastrous run as Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment), was supposed to change the entertainment landscape with the unoriginal idea of marrying advertising, content and distribution in a new media world.

Mr. Silverman was unavailable for comment but released a statement through his representatives:  "I am proud of my accomplishments at Electus.  Even though $100 million doesn't go as far as it used to, I still changed the world!  No one has even come close to doing what I did because nobody had the balls.  What a ride!  Maybe people just aren't ready for forward-thinking."

Mr. Diller was available for comment and simply said about Silverman:  "Fuck that guy."

But don't worry about Ben.  He has landed on his feet and will continue his Quixotic quest to monetize online content from his penthouse suite at The Palms Hotel in VegasGoldman Sachs
has committed $500 million to fund his new, as yet, unnamed venture.
Oh, yeah, one other thing I learned from the future:  The Jay Leno Show was canceled in 2010 and called one of the greatest failures in the history of television.  Sorry, Ben.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Hollywood Producer said:

Oh, please, let it be true!

Molly Glover said:

You definitely love to bash Ben. I would say he is your raison d'ete.

Molly Glover said:

Sorry, it's "raison d'etre" - I hate to look stupid posting on a blog.

DougMorrison said:

Dude gets what he deserves. You don't call executives at rival networks D-Girls. He deserves everything bad said against him.

AmberR said:

Can you get in your time machine and find out when the auditions are for The Hub. Its right up my alley.

a said:

It's a touchin' good story! Let me tell it to the world!

Boldy said:

Certainly. All above told the truth. Let's discuss this question.

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