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Going Rogue by Sarah Palin (AND LYNN VINCENT) - OnMedea

Going Rogue by Sarah Palin (AND LYNN VINCENT)

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going_rogue_sarah_palin_cover.jpgThe cover of Sarah Palin's latest work of fiction "Going Rogue: An American Life" was released today by publisher HarperCollins

Anyone waiting to see if Ms. Palin can write in complete sentences WON'T be able to find that out anytime soon because she didn't really write the book.  Most likely she talked into a speaker phone from her Chevy Suburban to Ghost Writer Lynn Vincent who turned Ms. Palin's incoherent thoughts into a simple, easy-to-understand prose that will further separate the growing division in America.

What do we know about Lynn Vincent?  Not much lately.  I have a feeling Ms. Vincent has been locked in Dick Cheney's bunker and will remain there until "Going Rogue: An American Life" is safely in the $1 bins at Costco (or when Ms. Palin becomes President - whichever comes first). 

What we DO know about Lynn Vincent (46) OFF-THE-RECORD is that she is a total Christian Right wacko with hardcore beliefs about abortion, gay marriage, Jews, Democrats, Muslims, etc.  In general, she's a woman with a deep hatred in her heart for all those who are not like her. 

ON THE RECORD, she's a fairly solid writer who (I'm sure) has gay and Muslim friends.  OK, maybe gay friends.  OK, in the closet gay friends.  OK, maybe not.

Lynn_vincent_going_rogue.jpgOver the next few weeks (until the book is released in November), there will be numerous attempts by the "Illegal-should-be-abolished" media on the left to dig up more about Ms. Vincent.  But I have a feeling she will be "unavailable for comment" (though Fox News may be able to land an "Exclusive".  Hannity will be "tough but fair" and manage to wring out what her favorite flavor of Jell-o is).

As tempting as it is to go after whatever low-hanging fruit there is on Ms. Vincent, I say the real focus should remain on Ms. Palin - who, frankly, must be stopped.

Somewhere buried in the digital universe there is further proof that she is completely out of her mind and... dangerous.  For the good of the world, it is our duty to dig it up before she writes again.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

P.S. - Sarah, you should have gone more "Coulter" with your cover.  The men want to see you in a black mini-dress (especially Sean Hannity and his repressed sexual urges).

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Joanne McShee said:

There isn't a book I want to read less than this one. The Right Wing argument on burning books should begin with this one. And, as horrible as this book probably is, I would still ban the burning of it.

David Riker said:

Well of course, I always knew that Kitty's magnum opus was ghost written. Still, we will have to slog through through 400 pages of pablum. I'll leave that dubious pleasure to her devoted followers.

Fred t. said:

Will she have the balls to go on Letterman? She just might thinking that she'll be able to get in a few blows on his recent extortion / sleeping with staff members thing.

Hollywood Producer said:

I agree. Black mini dress would have been better.

Molly.Glover said:

Who really wants to read this? What else can we learn from Sarah that we haven't learned from Tina Fey?

foxconn-worker said:

Jill Kennedy is a bit of jealous now. aren't you? why or why not? ;-)

MC said:

Sarah Palin rocks!!! 6 comments on this page, all hateful. Not too many readers here, eh? I love the sound of lib chicks quaking in their... whatever those ridiculous-looking pointy shoes from Paris are called that y'all wear.


P.S. Sorry for the stereotyping, but I figured one good stereotype deserves another.

BMZ 2000 said:

I'd say the comments are 50/50 MC. I think this is a fairly new blog. I'm sure the traffic and comments will come.

DougMorrison said:

It's a mistake for her to go on Oprah no matter how many books she sells. She can't hang with Oprah and will come off looking dumb.

Fleetwood Mac said:

Can't we just let this book fail and have her go away? The press is building her up again.

foxconn-worker said:

I am still waiting for this beautiful Jill Kennedy, an Ivy League MBA, to answer me, a foxconn worker, which had a poor education, now a cheap labor in southern china: aren't you jealous?

i hope you can write a book, so i can read it, getting to know you a little bit more.

get motivated:-)

Fred T said:

Sarah Palin must be praying that her Monday appearance on Oprah will lead to a slot on the talk show maven's book list. In spite of a rumored 400,000-plus first print run for Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, which comes out Tuesday, November 17, the Daily Finance crunches a slew of numbers to reveal that HarperCollins might not want to bank on the book. Palin made the book deal last May, has received a $1.25 million retainer, and is expected to receive up to a $7 million advance, by the time Going Rogue arrives next week. Factoring in actual versus projected print runs for paperback and hardcover copies, Amazon—Wal-Mart—Target discount sales, ghostwriting fees, and the potential total payment to Palin, the Daily Finance claims that HarperCollins will need to sell more than 400,000 copies of the book just to break even—and that’s only if Palin’s total advance was a measly $5 million.

ls4 said:

Thanks for posting this. Would be intrested to read more or possibly please contact me by email thank you!

Lauren Cosby said:

Yo webmaster, I dig where you're coming from.


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