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Should News Corp Buy Viacom? - OnMedea

Should News Corp Buy Viacom?

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But only Viacom's cable networks and digital assetsCBS (not wanting to leave the cocoon of Old Media) should buy Viacom's Paramount Pictures.

Is there any chance in hell this could actually happen?  Could Rupert Murdoch pull off an acquisition of that magnitude?

No fucking way.  Not while old man Redstone continues to draw a breath.

So, yes, it's most likely a non-starter.  But even in a fantasy scenario, wouldn't it be great to finally get rid of Viacom and Redstone?  Both are simply a mess and completely unnecessary. 

[Note:  I realize Sumner Redstone is Chairman of the Board and majority stockholder of CBS, but Les Moonves is the much more appealing face of that company, not SumnerSumner is the face of Viacom... and the media world has had enough.]

newscorp_buys_viacom.jpgImagine News Corp (which has the weakest portfolio of cable assets save Fox News, FX and those regional sports thingies) with Viacom's cable channels: MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TV Land, VH1, etc. etc. 

This would immediately fill all News Corp's demographic needs and, in the digital channel universe, put them on par with Time Warner, Disney and, in late 2010, Comcast

Viacom was never going to be on par with anyone as long as Sumner is around (even with those assets)... so it's time to shut it down.

As for CBS and their acquisition of Paramount Pictures... they, obviously, just want to be an old media company and ride that peaceful, easy feeling all the way into the grave.  Buying Paramount Pictures (and, hey, why not MGM while they're at it!) would help realize that mid-1990s-vertical-alignment-synergy-world they are striving for.  And based on Comcast's purchase of NBCU (which valued Universal Studios at less than $3 billion), Paramount, with its much smaller film and television library, can be picked up at quite a fire sale bargain.  (Wait two years and it will be even more of a bargain!)

Also, this would give CBS the opportunity to shut down the ridiculous CBS Films vanity project before it becomes a further embarrassment.

So, think about it people.  A deal like this would really be a win-win-win for everyone... and help us to get rid of (at least a part of) Sumner Redstone once and for all.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

Further media consolidation is a scary thing. though probably necessary. And I don't Sumner either. But I really don't like Rupert. I'm torn on it, Jill. But if it means that much to you - I hope it happens.

Hollywood Producer said:

No chance in hell Sumner ever sells anything to Rupert. No chance ever ever ever.

tommy 2tone said:

ha ha ha. WEould love to see Sumner go awa forever. it's too bad someone just couldn't buy nickelodon. I think that the only one that has value.

Angie t sloan said:

Interesting. MGM is just waiting to see who the next owner will be.

Important Business man said:

I'm not sure Newscorp can raise that kind of cash. I would put those networks value at about $20 billion.

Jill Kennedy said:

Hey important business man,

I think they could swing it.

ÓßÓ said:

Your idea it’s written before Web 2.0 hype. Well done.

Miss the .com boom!? What's with you man! Don't miss it again

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