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Peter Sarsgaard - Green Lantern Villain - Who Cares!? - OnMedea

Peter Sarsgaard - Green Lantern Villain - Who Cares!?

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digg_peter_sarsgaard_green_lantern.jpgOK geeks.  Time to go outside for a little air. 

I just noticed that the current most popular item on Digg is a story about Peter Sarsgaard possibly being cast as the villain in next year's Green Lantern movie.

Jesus Christ, seriously, with the unimaginably horrific tragedy unfolding in Haiti, who cares about who will play the villain in The Green Lantern?! 

Sure, he's a fine actor.  I'm sure he'll be good in the part.  BUT WHO CARES?!  Please don't spend the valuable time you have remaining in your lives "DIGGING" stories like this. 

Here's how this story should be discussed:

TWEET:  Peter Sarsgaard may play the villain in "The Green Lantern" movie?

End of story.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

I feel guilty just posting and wasting time here to say - you are exactly right, Jill. Who cares? And I wouldn't care more if I had something better to do.

Bobby Dee said:

It's crazy casting news for a project that is over a year away becomes news at all. But I guess studios need to get awareness out earlier and earlier to get traction.

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