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UPDATE: Jeff Zucker Still Has A Job - OnMedea

UPDATE: Jeff Zucker Still Has A Job

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jeff_zucker_in_sweater.jpgThe Billion Dollar Question is - WHY? 

If I were to talk directly to Jeff Zucker's current boss (Jeffrey Immelt) and future boss (Brian Roberts), I would quote my new hero, Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer, and say "Are you stoopid?"

Even if we all could forget about the recent mistakes that have been made under Jeff Zucker's watch...

  • Lowest rated network
  • Jay/Conan debacle
  • Hiring Ben Silverman for... anything
  • The absolutely horrendous Olympic coverage which not only sucks but will LOSE millions of dollars.  (The latest horrible decision was to air the TAPE-DELAYED 2-man Bobsled coverage on NBC over one of the best LIVE Olympic hockey games in years - USA vs. Canada.  I'm sure JZ would say it was a brilliant move on his part to force people to find MSNBC on their televisions.)
... at this point, it's a matter of credibility.  And he has none.

jeff_zucker_speech.jpgImagine Jeff Zucker standing in front of a group of Wall Street investor analysts with his PowerPoint slides and telling them "This is the future of television..."  "This is the direction Comcast/NBC needs to go..." "Here are my ideas on how to turn things around..." etc. 

Seriously, who the hell would believe he has the answers?  And why does he even get the chance to give the answers.  NBC was once great.  All the missteps really started to snowball AFTER he become Chairman & CEO.  He is into his fourth year and has thus far proven nothing to nobody. 

Basta.  Enough.

However, in an effort to make my entries a little more positive, I'm going to attempt to end them all on an upbeat note.  So... that said... I do like the bulky ski resort sweaters Jeff Zucker has been wearing as he talks up NBC's suck ass Olympic coverage on CNBC.

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Hollywood Producer said:

And this is after NBC showed a 30 minute special on The Miracle on Ice. Another great USA hockey game is going on, though who would know it or even think to look on MSBNC, and they don't even flip over to it. At LEAST show the 3rd period. I understand not showing a full three hour game in primetime when there is ice skating on - but PLEASE a little more than the final 30 seconds with the USA up 2 goals. Dumb decisions. I agree Zucker must go.

Flying Tomato said:

I don't know I thought that 30 seconds was the best hockey I've ever seen. Cudos to NBC!

Molly Glover said:

I keep waiting to read about some new promotion that Zucker will get. He hasn't had one in a while. Is there a "God" title available?

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