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Disney Junior - EUREKA! - OnMedea

Disney Junior - EUREKA!

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playhouse_disney_becomes_disney_junior.jpgSo, it was announced today that Playhouse Disney will become Disney Junior.  The folks at Disney Corporate must have put in quite a bit of overtime on that one. 

It's a stroke of brilliance really -  just as I thought it was brilliant when Viacom changed Noggin to Nick Jr. last year!

Bravo to Disney's Brand Consultants who, most likely, put in extremely long hours and probably weren't cheap.  

noggin_becomes_nick_junior.jpgI can imagine conference calls, late night food deliveries and logo designs on several other names like Disney Tots, Disney Ragamuffins, ToddlerDisney, Disney 2-7 (or 'The D27!')... before finally reaching the stroke of genius that is Disney Junior

And I'm sure it was a tense few days before Bob Iger finally signed off on it.  During the presentation, he probably said things like "Disney Junior?  Really?  Isn't Junior a term for boys?  Nickelodeon did it?  OK, go ahead."  And that was that.  Disney Junior will launch in 2012!

Being a parent of a five year old, I am not cynical about children's programming and appreciate the big media companies producing so much content that distracts my child long enough so I can take a five minute break to go to the bathroom (including my own parent company Manka Bros. and our Manka Kids brand - Manka Junior anyone?).

I just think with all the millions of dollars being thrown around at media companies on Brand Management, it's nice to know that all anyone needs to do to brand something for toddlers it to put the word "Junior" behind it.   Clorox Junior, Coke Junior (with 40% less sugar), 1976 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Junior (for French children)...

Maybe I'll launch OnMedea Junior for toddlers who want to read scandalous corporate media stories about "Dora the Explorer".

jill_kennedy_small.jpgJill Kennedy - OnMedea

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Molly Glover said:

You can slam other companies Jill - but when you start hitting at the Mouse House I will hit back. Disney Junior rox!

a said:

You sound surprise that Disney post "Walt Disney" is uncreative.

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